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Sarah HEYHOE was the daughter of Robert HEYHOE and Elizabeth REEDER.(See Reeder Family Page)

Sarah was born in Swaffham and baptised there on 13th November 1791. Sarah married Pooley PETCH in Swaffham on 2nd August 1813.  Sarah and Pooley had eleven children.

There are many different spellings of the Surname Heyhoe including Hayhoe, Heyhow, Hayhow, Hahoe.

Robert Heyhoe 1754-1836                      top of page

Robert HEYHOE was probably born in Mattishall, Norfolk and baptised there on 30 September 1754 The son of Robert and Sarah HEYHOE. Their other children were: Sarah 1746, John 1751, James 1756 and Thomas 1760. Research has not discovered any further information for any of these siblings yet or a burial date for Robert's mother Sarah. Robert's father was buried at Swaffham 17 April 1783 and recorded as a widower and the occupation as a gardiner (sic). Robert married Elizabeth REEDER at Swaffham on 11 October 1779. They married by Licence and the marriage allegation is between Robert Heyhoe 1754 and William REEDER for Robert's marriage to William Reeder's daughter Elizabeth.

Robert was a bricklayer and builder by trade. I can find records for five children: Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Robert and John James. Elizabeth was buried at Swaffham on 21 March 1834 and Robert on 12 October 1836.

Children ofRobert Heyhoe and Elizabeth Reeder                      top of page

Elizabeth baptised in Swaffham on 9th December 1783, she died the following year and was buried in Swaffham on 22 September 1784

Mary was baptised on 25 May 1788 but I have found no further records for her.

Sarah was baptised in Swaffham on 13 November 1791. On 2 August 1813 she married Pooley PETCH in Swaffham.    See Petch Family Page

Robert was baptised on 16 August 1795 in Swaffham. He died in 1823 and was buried in Swaffham on 21 September that year. An announcement appeared in the local paper.

John James was baptised in Swaffham on 16 November 1800. He married Mary Ann WHITE in Swaffham on 4 December 1822. John James and Mary had ten children. In both the 1841 and 1851 census he is recorded as living in London Street, Swaffham. He was a master builder and in 1851 employed 11 men and 1 apprentice,  There were also two servant girls living with the family.  John was buried in Swaffham on 28th June 1860

In 1849 there was a case brought before the Court of Common Pleas for payment for work completed on the railway station at Swaffham, part of the Lynn and Dereham Railway.  The case was bought by a Mr Heyhoe and is likely to be referring to John James or his son, John.

He died in 1836, a widower, and was buried in Swaffham 12th October that year, the entry for the burial in the Parish Records states that he was 82 years of age, which gives him an approximate birth year of 1754.

Children of John James Heyhoe                      top of page

John 1825 - 1902    John

Mary was born in Swaffham in 1826. She married Charles William PARKER in 1850 at Swaffham. They had at least two children: Charles John James who died in Bingley, Yorkshire aged 33, he doesn't appear to have been married or had any children. Alfred Frederick Heyhoe who married Eleanor BAXTER in Lancaster in 1889. Mary died in 1874 in Heigham (Potter Heigham), Norfolk.

Robert 1828 - 1910      Robert

Elizabeth was born in Swaffham on 17th December 1829 and baptised on 30th December that year. Elizabeth never married and died in Swaffham and was buried there on 18th March 1857.

Frederick was born in Swaffham on 19th December 1831 and baptised there three days later. In 1851 he is living with his parents in London street and working as a draper's assistant. Some time after this Frederick emigrated to USA. He died there in Chicago, Illinois on 16th September 1867, he had been working as a shopkeeper's assistant. Sixteen years after his death, his brother Robert applied for Administration of his Estate. This was granted to Robert on 2 April 1883. The Personal estate was £387 19s.

Arthur was born in Swaffham on 11 April 1834 and baptised there on May 17 that year. In the 1851 census Arthur is recorded as being a stone mason and living in London Road with his parents. Arthur died young and was buried at Swaffham on 23 February 1854.

William Henry was baptised on 5 April 1836 in Swaffham. In 1851 he is recorded as being a cabinet maker living at London Street, Swaffham with his parents. He married Caroline Ann PLOWRIGHT at Aldgate, London in 1856. They had a son James Arthur born in Aldgate in 1857 and a daughter Susannah Mary born in Swaffham in 1860. The  children were baptised on the same day in Swaffam in 1860. In 1861 William is lodging at The King's Head in Mariner Street, Lowestoft while Caroline and their son Arthur are living with Caroline's sister, Susannah Plowright in Great Yarmouth but daughter Susannah is not recorded. In 1871 Caroline is still living with her sister in Great Yarmouth and working as a governess, her daughter Susannah is also living with her but Arthur is not recorded. William Henry died in 1875 in Accrington, Lancashire but it was not until 1883 that Caroline applied for probate, the same year as probate was sought for other Heyhoe family members. The probate application states that William died 2 November 1875 in Accrington and that he was a cabinet maker by trade. Caroline's address is given as 1 St Stephen's Square, Bayswater.  Effects were £290 19s 5d. In 1880 Arthur James is entered on the crew list as an engineer's servant sailing on the "Garonne" sailing from Liverpool to Sydney, Australia. He is found on the passenger list in 1885 for the "Austral" from London to Melbourne, Australia, his occupation is given as "sugar planter".  Arthur died in Cape Town, South Africa on 25 March 1901. administration of his estate was applied for in 1904 and granted to his sister Susannah VEALE. Arthur's address was given as 1 St Stephens Square, Bayswater (his mother's address). He left effects of £170. In 1888 Susannah married George Percy VEALE in Bromley Kent and they made their home with Caroline in Norwood before moving to Prittlewell, Essex. In 1895 Caroline married again, this time to Edward William LOWRY at Southwark. Edward died in May 1900 and probate was granted to George Percy Veale. Edward left effects of £1181 2s later amended to £1396 2s.  Caroline died soon after in June 1900. Administration (with will) of her estate was granted to Susannah Mary Veale (wife os George Percy Veale) Effects of £567 2s.   Susannah and George had three children: Noel, Marjorie and Lionel: Noel was killed in action in France in 1916 while serving with the 1st Btn Essex Regiment. His name is honoured on the Thiepval Memorial.  Marjorie married Arthur J. RALPH in Sturminster, Dorset in 1940 , they had no children and when she died Marjorie left her estate of £529 15s 7d to her brother Lionel. Lionel did his Military Service in The Royal Field Artillery from 1917-1919 , an entry in the London Gazette states that he was promoted from Cadet to Temp 2nd Lt in January 1919.  Previous to this Military Service he had been training to be a PE teacher at Eton House School, Southend on Sea and continued this after he was discharged. He attained his teaching certificate in 1925. He moved to Shaftesbury, Dorset and taught at The Grammar School there.  He married Mary K. RYAN at Sturminster, Dorset in 1940. They had no children. Lionel died on 26 October 1971 and left Effects of £20708.

James was born in Swaffham on 26 May 1838 and baptised on 25 July, in the 1871 census he is recorded as being a plumber living at Henry's Place, Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, Surrey. He married Rebecca DAWS at Shalford, Surrey in 1864 and they had two children: Horace James and Elizabeth Grace. Rebecca died in February 1872 in Surrey and it would appear that James moved back to Swaffham with his family. He died there that same year. He was buried in Swaffham on 17 August, the record states that he was a widower aged 34. In 1881 Horace and Grace are recorded as living with their grandmother Mary Ann HEYHOE. Horace married Sarah Ann CROWE in Swaffham in 1890 and they went to live in Woodstock, Oxfordshire where Horace is a chemist and druggist. They later moved back to Norfolk where Horace had a chemist business in Fakenham for many years. After Sarah died in 1938 Horace went to live in Reading, Berkshire with his daughter Winifred SLADE. He died in 1944. Grace married Thomas ACOCK, a shipping agent clerk in Woodstock, Oxfordshire in 1890. They moved to Ramsgate where Grace spent the rest of her life. She died there in 1957. They had three children: Marjorie, Edith and John. Edith married James Austen WOODGATEand they had three children; Betty, Yvonne Mary and John. Edith died on 23 June 1929. James married again soon afterwards. In 1939 he was appointed Superintendant of Public Works in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (see his entry in Falklands Biography)and took his family there with him. Shortly after arriving he was appointed as Commanding Officer of The Falkland Islands Defence Force. Whilst out in the Falkland Islands his daughter Yvonne, known as Mary met Douglas Markham POLE-EVANS a local farmer. They married at Christ Church Cathedral, Port Stanley on 23rd April 1946. (see his entry in Falklands Biography)

Alfred was born in Swaffham in 7 September 1840 and baptised on 7 October. the 1861 census records him living at home in Swaffham with his mother and brother Herbert and working as a draper. Alfred was only 25 when he died in 1865 in Greenwich. His brother Robert applied for probate in 1883. The probate application states that he was a bachelor late of Swaffham who died 12 August 1865. His Personal Estate was £387 19s - the same amount as his brother Frederick who had died in Chicago.

Herbert was born on 23 June 1843 in Swaffham and baptised there two days later. in 1861 he is living at home with his mother and brother Alfred in Swaffham and working as a stationer's apprentice. He died on 22th October 1867 in Greenwich but his body was brought home to Swaffham for burial there on 25th October 1867. In 1883 his brother Robert applied for administration of his estate. He had left his estate to his mother Mary Ann HEYHOE but she had left it unadministered. The Death Duties Register shows that Robert applied for Herbert, Frederick and Alfred. Administration was granted to Robert for Herbert's Personal Estate of £387 19s.

John Heyhoe 1825-1902                      top of page

John was born in Swaffham on 29 December 1825 and baptised on 4 January 1826. Like his father he was a master builder. In 1851 he married Elizabeth STUART and they had six children: Janet, Stewart, Mary Ann, Gertrude, Charles and Lewis.  John James and Elizabeth made their home in London Street, Swaffham probably in a house near to The Pightle. Elizabeth died in 1867.  The 1869 Electoral register records John as having a house and Lime Kilns at Cobb's Pightle and Beachamwell. By 1871 John is a master builder employing 13 men and 7 boys. John married Mary Ann DOUGHTY in West Ham in 1872. In 1891 they are listed in London Street, Swaffham living in a house near or next to The Pightle.  John is a builder and all children have left home. Mary Ann died in 1895 and in 1901 John is listed on the census as being a widower, retired stonemason, still living in London Street. John died in Swaffham in 1902.  

Janet Esther never married, she is recorded as working as a governess in Kings Lynn in 1881 and living with her sister Mary Ann GUNTON.   

Stewart Frederick married Mary Ann MASON in Cambridge in 1877 but they didn't have any children Stewart died in Islington in 1940.  

Mary Ann married Thomas Henry GUNTON in Swaffham in 1877 and they had five children. Mary and Thomas moved from Swaffham to Luton to Wood Green and then Finsbury Park. Mary died in Islington in 1920.  Two of their children Percy and Charles emigrated to New South Wales, Australia. 

Gertude Thomasina was only eleven years old when she died in Swaffham in 1868.

Charles Arthur married Jennie Button BUSH in Kings Lynn in 1890, they moved to Hulme in Manchester. They had three children, their youngest daughter Gladys Mabel Gertrude Thomassina emigrated to Canada in 1939.

Lewis Andrew was sentenced to 9 months hard labour in 1882 for obtaining by false pretences two pairs of boots and a meerschaum pipe. In 1888 he was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for three counts of larceny.  He then moved to London and married Rose May ALDWIN in 1899, they had five children. Lewis died in 1944 in Ealing.

Robert Heyhoe 1828-1910                      top of page

Robert was born on 4th February 1828 in Swaffham and baptised on the 18th of that month. He spent his entire life in Swaffham, living in London Street until he died in 1910. He started his working life as a plumber and glazier but he added to his skills as he grew older and became a well known business man in Swaffhan and surrounding areas. In 1851 his occupation is given as plumber and glazier by 1861 he is a plumber, painter and glazier and employs 3 men and 1 apprentice.  In 1871 he is now an auctioneer and valuer employing 1 clerk and 4 men as well as being a plumber, painter and glazier employing 3 men and an apprentice. He is also a landowner and farmer of 7 acres employing 1 man. In 1881 he is only recorded as being a plumber and farmer employing  6 men and 5 boys and in 1891 an auctioneer, farmer and plumber.  1901 census describes him as auctioneer and valuer, plumber and employer.  The Electoral registers for Swaffham for the periods from 1969 to 1910 show Robert as having Copyhold and Freehold house, cottages and garden on London Street. Local newspapers have reports of hundreds of auctions and sales transactions undertaken by Robert for this period too. Robert married first Elizabeth FORBY of Tittleshall, Norfolk on 10th November 1853. Robert and Elizabeth had five children before Elizabeth's death in 1864.  After Elizabeth's death Robert next married Charlotte CROWE in Swaffham on 1 June 1865, he had a further two children with Charlotte. In 1883 Robert had cause to apply for administration of the effects of three brother who had pre decesed him The Death Duties Register shows that Robert applied for Administration for the Personal estates of Herbert, Frederick and Alfred. The  Probate Register shows Administration has been applied for other members of the family in that same year: William Henry and John.  In 1902 Robert was initiated into the Freemason Lodge at Swaffham.  In February 1910 Robert retired from business and dissolved his business partnership "R Heyhoe and Son" Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents. The business to then be carried on solely by his son Herbert.   Robert died in 3 March 1910 in Swaffham he was buried on the 7 March. The local newspaper reported that shops and residences throught the town of Swaffham were shaded as a mark of respect.

Children of Robert Heyhoe                      top of page

Elizabeth Mary was baptised in Swaffham on 24 November 1854. She was aged 19 years when she died. she was buried in Swaffham on 15 October 1873. 

Emily Catherine was born in Swaffham on 28 August 1856 and baptised there on  9 September. Emily's mother died in 1864 and Emily was sent to St Benedict's School in Norwich as a boarder she is recorded there on the 1871 census. In 1881 she is back in Swaffham living at London Road with her Father, Step Mother and half-brother Herbert. Emily married a farmer, George Hillder JACOB in Swaffham on 27 July 1887. In 1901 they are living on Cley Road and in 1911 they are recorded as living at Wood Farm, Swaffham. They had five children. Emily died in Swaffham in 1933. (i) George Robert married Beatrice A. COMER but they did not have any children. (ii) Reginald Hillder enrolled as a Merchant Navy apprentice in 1908 in Liverpool. He was back in Swaffham in 1911 living with his parents at Wood Farm and working as an apprentice butcher. He married  Gertrude Lilian WILSON in Kings Lynn on 12 February 1920 and a few weeks later they were on board the Metagama bound for New Brunswick, along with his brother Leonard, with the intention of taking up farming in Canada. They are recorded on the 1921 census for Canada as farmers living at Walsingham, Norfolk, Ontario.  They returned to Britain and in 1934 are living in a basement flat in Park Road, Wallington, Surrey. Reginald died in Coventry in 1971. He left Effects of £224. (iii) Herbert William served in The East Anglian Royal Medical Corps during WWI. He married Annie M. HATTERSLEY and they had one child, Margaret. Herbert was a chemist and optician by trade and in 1925 was granted the Freedom of the City of London for services to the optical trade. He died in 1979 and left Effects of £82517. (iv) Mary Sabina married Arthur C. MILNER in Swaffham in 1921 and they had three children. (v) Leonard Charles served in the Machine Gun Corps during WWI and then emigrated to Canada in 1920 along with his brother Reginald and Reginald's wife. They sailed on the Metagama from Liverpool to New Bruswick with the intention of taking up farming. Leonard and is recorded on the 1921 census as a farmer living in Walsingham, Norfolk, Ontario. He returned to England for a visit but sailed back to Canada in 1931.  He died in Victoria, British Columbia in 1971.                            

Augusta Harriet was born in Swaffham on 24 July 1857 and baptised there on 11 September. She died the following year on 10 January and was buried in Swaffham on 12 January 1858

Robert John was born on 3 July 1859 and baptised in Swaffham on 17 August. He died the following year as was buried in Swaffham on 1 February 1860.

Horace Robert was born in Swaffham 22 March 1861 and baptised there on  20 September 1861.  he died on  16 April 1863 and was buried in Swaffham on 21 April 1863.

Edmund John James was born 25 June 1866 in Swaffham and baptised there on 11 July that year. in 1891 he is living with his parents in London Road, Swaffham and his occupation is given as ironmonger and plumber. By 1901 he is working as an Ironmonger's clerk and boarding at 117 Guildford Road, Chertsey.  In 1905 he married Ada Jane BROWNING at Attleborough, Norfolk. They set up home at  99 Guildford Street, Chertsey, they had no children.  In 1911 Edmund is an Ironmonger and Engineer working from home. Living with them is Edmund's business partner Edward HARDWICK.  In 1919  Edmund and Ada are living at Abbey Road, Chertsey but had moved  Woodham Lane, Addlestone, Surrey at the time of Edmund's death on 4 June 1925. Probate was granted to Ada Jane Heyhoe, widow and Edward Hardwick, ironmonger. Effects of £313 5s. Later that same year Ada and Edward married. Ada went back to 99 Guildford Street and is recorded there in 1939 and when she died in 1946. Probate was granted to Edward Hardwick, ironmonger and Clifford John PITMAN, commercial traveller, Effects of £131 14s 7d.

Herbert Robert was born in Swaffham on 1 June1871 and baptised there on 8 May 1872. he lived in Swaffham all his life entering into business with his father, "R Heyhoe and Son". Shortly before his father's death in 1910 when Herbert took over the business on his own as "Herbert Heyhoe Auctioneer, Valuer and Estate Agent. In 1898 he married Edith Catherine MANTRIPP in Swaffham. Herbert died in The Cottage Hospital at Swaffham in 1939 and is buried in Brandon Road Cemetery. Edith is also buried there, she died in 1956. Herbert and Edith had four Children: (i) Geoffrey born 2 July 1899 in Swaffham. Geoffrey served in The Rifle Brigade from 1917 - 1919 in 1932 he married Roma Kathleen CROCKER in Havant, Hampshire. They have moved to Tettenhall, Staffordshire by 1939 and are living at 85 Lower Street, Tettenhall. Geoffrey is a Physical Training organiser at an Elementary School and they have two children Hans C. and Rachael. Geoffrey died on 4 February 1972. Probate records show that he was living at 57 Wynn Road, Penn Wolverhampton, he left estate of £10279.  Roma died 25 June 1978, she was living at 2 College Place, Wergs Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton she left estate of £24132.  I know nothing more about their son Hans but their daughter Rachael married Derrick FLINT at Seisdon, Staffordshire in 1971. She became well known as Rachael Heyhoe Flint, women's cricketer philanthropist and business woman. In 2011 she became Baroness Heyhoe Flint (of Wolverhamton) OBE DL. Rachael died on 18 January 2017, her funeral took place in Wolverhampton on 8 February that year. (ii) Barbara was born in Swaffham on 3 June 1901 and baptised on 14 July 1901. she married Rhys L. THOMAS in Swaffham in 1934. In 1939 they are living at 3 Staples Lane, Soham, Cambridgeshire. Thomas is a geography master and also a Special constable. Barbara is a probationer with the Red Cross. They had one son, Michael born 1938. Barbara died in Liverpool in 2004. (iii) Bertram was born in Swaffham in 1903. He never married and took up acting as a career. He starred in a couple of films in 1938 and another in 1952. In 1939 he is living at 10 Richmond Terrace, Cambridge living with him is an actress, Peggy RAMSEY. Bertram  died in 1989 and is buried at the Cemetery on Brandon Road, Swaffham with his parents. (iv) Marion was born in Swaffham on 20th November 1904. In 1928 she married Cecil W. ROBINSON at Swaffham. In 1939 they are living at Station Street, Swaffham and Cecil is a hairdresser and tobacconist. They had two children Gillian and David. Marion died in 1991 in Swaffham.

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