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Matilda PETCH  married Robert BURTON in 1874 at Swaffham, Norfolk. Matilda was born in 1855. She was the daughter of Robert PETCH and Matilda MUTIMER.

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James was born about 1741, probably in Norfolk. James married Ann POOLEY on the 10th November 1774 in Northwold, Norfolk.  James and Ann moved to Houghton-next-Harpley, Norfolk, where James probably worked as an agricultural labourer on the estate of Houghton Hall. This had been the home of Robert WALPOLE, Britain's first Prime Minister. By the time James and Ann moved there the estate had passed to Robert's grandson, the third Earl of Orford and when he died in 1797 the House and estate passed to his sister's family by marriage, The Earls of Cholmondley. The baptisms of two children of James and Ann are recorded there at Houghton-next-Harpley: Elizabeth born 1775 and baptised on 3rd September that year and Pooley who was born on the 18th December and baptised on 23rd December 1787. James and Ann lived the rest of their lives in Houghton-next-Harpley. James died there and was buried on 23 July 1811 and Ann was buried on 29th January 1817.

Elizabeth, daughter of James PETCH and Ann POOLEY was born in 1775 and baptised on 3rd September at Houghton-next-Harpley, married William TAYLOR in Swaffham on 11th October 1798.  Elizabeth and William had four children baptised at Swaffham. James was born 1800 and died an infant in 1803.  Marianne was baptised on 24th October 1802.  Martha was born on 9th September 1807 and baptised on the 30th of that month.  James was born 28th February 909 and baptised 15th March.  He married Ann RUDD in Swaffham on 24th May 1832 and they had seven children.  Elizabeth died and was buried in Swaffham on 22nd March 1812. Elizabeth's great-grandson Stanley Rudd RABY died in France during WWI. He was a Private in the The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment and was killed on the 1 July 1916, The first day of The Battle of the Somme. His body was first buried, with a cross, on or near the battlefield and he was later reburied at Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz, France. I cannot find him commemorated on a War memorial in the UK. His widow, Laura, returned to Norfolk and remarried in 1917 but died soon after in 1918.  His children would have been still very young.  

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Pooley was born 18th December 1787 and baptised at Houghton-next-Harpley on 23rd December.  Pooley was a shoemaker by trade and lived and worked in London Street, Swaffham. He married Sarah HEYHOE at Swaffham on 2nd August 1813.  Pooley and Sarah had eleven children: James, Robert, Pooley, Sarah Ann, Pooley, Elizabeth, John, Mary Ann, Hannah, William and Henry.  Sarah died in 1850 and was buried on 18th February in Swaffham.  James died 1st September 1874 and was buried in Swaffham on 4th September 1875.  He left a will (contents unknown) with three codicils. His son William Petch, merchant's clerk of Narborough was one of the executors.  Effects under £400. (See Heyhoe Family History Page)

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James was born in Swaffham on 21 October 1813 and baptised on the 19th November.James died in Swaffham in 1843, he never married.

Robert 1815-1862 - see Robert Petch and Matilda Mutimer

Pooley was born in Swaffham on 28 October 1816 and baptised the same day. He died that same year probably soon after his birth. Sarah and Matthew had eight children.

Sarah Ann was born in Swaffham on 28 October 1816, the twin sister of Pooley. She, too, was baptised on the day that she was born but survived. On 26th March 1840, in Swaffham, Sarah married Matthew Vane SMITH of Kings Lynn. Matthew was a hairdresser by trade when they were married. Sarah and Matthew had eight children, Matthew Henry born in Swaffham in 1840 married Hannah JOHNSON of Over, Cambridgeshire in Driffield, Yorkshire in 1840.  In 1841 he was living with his wife's family at Over and working as a railway porter. Alfred Charles was born in Swaffham in 1842 and died in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth in 1932, I can find no record of a marriage. Theodore John married Ellen BYFORD at Glemsford, Suffolk on 10 March 1868.  They had four sons: Albert, George, Julian and Frank. Theodore died in 1883 leaving personal estate of £176 16s. Sarah Anne Emily married George BARBER in 1870. They had seven children: George,Mary, Joseph, Theodore, Albert, Ellen and Percy.  Agnes Elizabeth was born in 1851 in West Bilney, Norfolk but not baptised until 1855. Her mother Sarah Ann died in Wendling in 1852, Matthew took a new wife, Elizabeth THROWER in 1854 and had three more children with her. So Agnes Elizabeth was baptised on 3rd June 1855 at Wendling along with her half-brother William Lucias. On the 1851 census she is entered as Agnes M. Her baptism shows she was given the names Agnes Elizabeth. In 1871 she is a patient at the Lynn and West Norfolk Hospital.

Pooley was born in Swaffham on 15th August 1818 and baptised the following day. He followed his father into the shoe making business and is living with his father and younger siblings at London Street Swaffham in 1851.  He died two years later and was buried in Swaffham on 26th May 1853.

Elizabeth was born in Swaffham on 13th November 1820 and baptised on 31st January the following year. She is resident in Swaffham in 1851 living with her family but nothing else is known about her. There is an entry in the civil register for the death of an Elizabeth Pitcher is swaffham in 1853.

John was born on 5th February 1823 and baptised on 3rd April in Swaffham. In 1851 John was a coach maker journeyman living with his father in London Road Swaffham. John died two years later and was buried at swaffham on 13th June 1853 just three weeks after his brother Pooley was buried.  It looks as though illness had hit the Petch household so it is possible that Elizabeth also suffered the fate of her brothers but there is no record of her death or burial in Swaffham.

Mary Ann was born 5th January 1826 in Swaffham and baptised on the 3rd March. She married William Greaves on 30th January 1851 in Swaffham and they had two children: Wiliam Petch and Charles Frederick.  Mary Ann died in 1860.

Hannah was born in Swaffham on 26 February 1828 and baptised there on 23 March that year. In 1848 Hannah married Charles RIVETT in Swaffham. Hannah and Charles had seven children : Edwin born 1849 married Sabina LINCOLN and some of their descendants lived in Norwich and others in Dorking, Surrey.

William was born in Swaffham on 28 August 1830 and baptised on 17 November. He married Mary Ann BETTS in Tibenham on 14th May 1868 and they had three children all born in Narborough, Norfolk: Emily, Ellen and Alexander.  William died in 1902 and was buried at Narborough on 6 March, his son Alexander also died in September of that year. Administration was granted to Mary Ann Petch after each death. William left effects of £765 15s 10d and  Alexander left effects of £98 0s 6d. Emily died in 1905 and administration was once again granted to Mary Ann of Effects of £152 15s 4d. Emily died in 1910 and probate granted to Mary Ann with effects of £160 9s 2d.  Mary Ann died in Norwich in 1921 probate was granted to Anna Elizabeth Dakin, widow and Reynolds Edward Alexander, gentleman.  Mary Ann left effects of £1005 7s 10d.

Henry was born on 5th April 1833 in Swaffham. He married Fanny Eliza PARKER in 1876 in Norwich and married Fanny Elizabeth PARKER in 1866 in Norwich, they had no children.

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Robert was the second son of Pooley PETCH and Sarah HEYHOE. He was born in Swaffham on 12 February 1815 and baptised on 17th March that same year. Robert was a tailor by trade. On the 30 October 1835 he married Matilda MUTIMER in Sporle, near Swaffham. (See Mutimer Family History Page)

Robert and Matilda had ten children. In 1841 Robert and Matilda are living in Lynn Street, Swaffham. In 1851 they are still living at Lynn Street, Robert is a town tailor and Matilda a seamstress, their two sons, Robert and Frederick are working as tailors apprentices. They are still there in 1861 living with 6 of their children, John is a tailor's apprentice.  Robert died the following year and was buried in Swahham on 6 March 1862. Matilda continued to live at Lynn Street and in 1871 Alfred, Arthur and William are living there with her. In 1881 her sons are no longer there but Mary Ann LAKE, a 75 year old widow is lodging with her.  Matilda died on 7 August and was buried on 11 August 1881 in Swaffham. Their children were:

Robert born in Swaffham on 24 April 1937 and baptised on 19th March.  He died in infancy.

Frederick Charles born on 1 March 1838 in Swaffham. In 1859 he married Mary THOMPSON in Doncaster.  In 1861 They are lodging at Lynn Street, Swaffham, two doors away from Frederick's parents.  With them is their son James, born in Doncaster in 1861. Frederick is working as a tailor. They have moved back to Doncaster by 1871 are are living at Factory Lane. By 1881 they have moved to 4 West Street, Doncaster and Frederick is still living there in 1881 but by now he is a widow, Mary died in 1885. In 1901 Frederick is living at 30 Low Fisher Gate, Doncaster.  He died in 1904.  Their son James Henry married Emma BURTON in Doncaster in 1884 and they had four children. The youngest son Frederick Charles was killed in France during WWI. He was an Able Seaman with the RNVR Hawke Battalion RND. He died on 24.6.1916 and is buried at Aix-Noulette, France.  He is commemorated on the Hexthorpe War Memorial.

James Henry - James Henry

Arthur was born in Swaffham in 1844 and died in 1878.  He married Harriet BARBER in Swaffham in 1876 but there is no record of any children.

Theophilus John - Theophilus John

Alfred Pooley was born in Swaffham 13 January 1848.  He married Susan Elizabeth LINGWOOD in Brandon, Suffolk in 1869 and they had eight children: Matilda, Louisa, Alfred, Herbert, Alfred, Ernest, Gerrude and Cyril. In 1881 was an iron foundry moulder living at Star Lane, Brandon, Suffolk but had moved to Church Street, Holbeach, Lincolnshire by 1891.  He first worked there as a general dealer but was a fishmonger in 1901 and a job master in 1911.  Elizabeth died in 1933 and Alfred in 1935 in Holbeach.

Reuben Stephen Mutimer  - Reuben Stephen Mutimer

Matilda was born at East Dereham and baptised there on 14 June 1855. She married Robert BURTON in Swaffham on 7th September 1874. They had eleven children: Robert, Emily, Arthur, Eleanor, Annie, Minnie, Robert, William, Lilian, George and Florence. Matilda died in Swaffham on 21 September 1935 and is buried with her husband in the cemetery in Swaffham.  See Burton Page

Willie was born in Swaffham on 2 July 1859 and baptised there on 27 July. He married Fanny POINTER in Swaffham in 1880 and they had seven children: Beatrice, William, Robert, Mabel, Gertrude, Robert and Violet. Fanny died in 1830 and Willie in 1836 in Swaffham.

Arthur was born in Swaffham on 11 July 1879.  He married Ethel Annie BLAND in Wisbeach 1907. They had 4 children: Vera, Arthur, Harold and Edna. Arthur died 24 March 1955 in Wisbech.

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James Henry was born 17 December 1841 and baptised in Swaffham on 9th January 1842. He was the third son of Robert and Matilda PETCH. He married Matilda CODMAN in 1861.  Matilda was the daughter of James CODMAN and Harriet MUTIMER  and therefore a cousin to James. James and Matilda had 14 children: Emily, Edith Florence, Gertrude Matilda and Harriet were born in Swaffham. Ellen, James H, Agnes, Frederick, Olive, Eva, Arthur, Daisy, Louis Alfred and Alma were born in Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire.  In 1861 the family are living at London Street, Swaffham and then moved to 6 Ruby Street, Wisbech, then 5 Upper Hill Street, Wisbech. Between 1901 and 1911 they moved to Marsh Walk Walsoken, James died there in 1913.  He left an estate of £267 12s 11d, the executor was Walter Ellis Hardingham, a railway clerk, husband of his daughter, Harriet.  Their children were:

Emily who died aged 19 in Wisbech.

Edith married Alfred COPSEY in Wisbech in 1882.  They had four children: Leonor, Percivl, Hazel, and Lionel. Their eldest son Percival Alfred COPSEY was killed  on 22 March in France.  He was serving with the 7th Battalion , Northamtonshire Regiment.  His name appears on the Poziers Memorial, Somme Dept., France and also on the War Memorial at Walsoken, Wisbeach. Hhe left a widow Susanne WARBY and a daughter Hazel Audrey COPSEY.

Gertude married Jesse CLARK and had two children  Clement Jesse and Reginald Mutimer.

Harriet married Walter Ellis HARDINGHAM in Wisbech in 1888. They had three children Walter Ellis, Albert Ernest and Alec.

Ellen married Albert Robert SHEPPARD in Wisbech in 1894, they had two children Mildred and Geoffrey. 

James married Annie BRITTON in Wisbech in 1893.

Agnes married Ernest Radford HARDINGHAM in Wisbech in 1896. Ernest was the younger brother of Walter Ellis HARDINGHAM, married to Agnes' sister Harriet. Agnes and Ernest had one son Louis Ernest. They were shop owners at 12 Ironmonger Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire for many years. 

Frederick died in Wisbech in 1908 aged 34 years.

Olive died in Cambridgeshire in 1929.

Eva died in Wisbech in 1943.

Arthur married Ethel Annie BLAND and they had four children : Vera, Arthur, Harold and Edna.

Daisy died in Wisbech in 1958.

Louis married Elizabeth FREEAR in Wisbech in 1910, they had one child also called Louis. Louis died in Weston-Super-Mare in 1964.

Alma married Walter Bland TOWELL in Wisbech in 1910, they had one daughter, Josephine.  Alma died in Whitby in 1954.

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Theophilus John was born on 5 July 1845 in Swaffham.  He married first Harriet Emily CODMAN in Swaffham on 30 December 1863.  Harriet was the daughter of James CODMAN and Harriet MUTIMER, sister to Matilda CODMAN, who married Theophilus brother James Henry and a cousin to Theophilus himself.  They had twelve children: Bertha, Grace, Jemima, Fred, Florence, Emily, Eva, Emily, Theophilus Arthur, May, Theophilus John and Laura.  In 1871 Theophilus was a tailor living at 8 Henry Street Wisbech. Harriet died on 26 February 1881 in Doncaster, the census states that Theophilus is a widower living at 6 Union Street North, Doncaster. Of the twelve children born to Theophilus and Harriet seven died in infancy and childhood: Bertha, Fred, Florence, Emily, Eva, Theophilus Arthur and May.

Grace married Frederick George PORTER in Swaffham in 1885 and they too moved to Doncaster. They had four children: Archibald, Lavida, Grace and Tim. Grace died in Thurstonland, Yorkshire on 16 December 1943.

Jemima married William Johnson THORNTON in Derbyshire on 28 April 1891, they had three sons, Cyril, Rupert and Douglas, all born in Hull. Jemima died in Hull in 1958 aged 91.

Emily married Samuel SEYMOUR in 1894 in Doncaster, they had four children Florence, Samuel, Frederick and John. Emily died in Doncaster in 1948.

Theophilus (junior) married first Gertrude HOYES, they had one child Violet Alice Emily . Gertrude died in 1906 and Theophilus then had a child named Edith Mary PETCH, with Jenny HIGGINS (BYRON). Edith was born 1909. Theophilus then married Annie BOWLEY and they had two children Joan and Leslie. Theophilus died in 1956 in Dewsbury.  See Petch Pages by G. S. Petch. 

Laura married William Ernest CARD in 1900 in Doncaster.  They had seven children: Ernest, Edwin Lewis, Beatrice, Laurance, Eric, Edwin Louis and Cyril. Laura died in Doncaster in 1961. 

Theophilus John then married Amelia FLETCHER in Doncaster on 31 May 1882 and they had ten children : Reginald, Thomas, Annie, Percival, Mary, Arthur, James, Amelia (Olive), Gertrude, Ivy, and Fred.  In 1891 Theophilus and Amelia are living at 161 Catherine Street, Doncaster. Amelia died on Christmas Day 1899 in Doncaster. Theophilus died on 2 August 1904 and was buried on 5  August that year in Doncaster. At the time of his death he was living at 102 St Sepulchre Street, Doncaster.  He left effects of £299 15s probate granted to William Thornton JOHNSON (married to his daughter Jemima), jeweller's clerk and Samuel WHITING carriage trimmer.

Of the ten children born to Theophilus John and Amelia Fletcher 4 died in infancy: Arthur, James, Gertrude and Fred.

Reginald was a baker and confectioner. He married Ethel LONG at Thanet in 1910, they had six children. Reginald must have been a man of strong opinions as he was registered as a conscientious objector during WWI and spent time in Wormwood Scrubs, although this may only have been overnight until his objection was registered . Reginald died 1963 in Slough, Buckinghamshire.

Thomas Scholey served in the British Army during WWI. He married Ellen Raley NEWMAN from Boer descent, in Cape Town, South Africa on 14 October 1912. They had six children. He made several passages to and from South Africa. His wife Ellen and children John and Joan sailed into England in 1937 and gave an address in Enfield. Apparently Ellen (Nellie) couldn't cope with life without servants so they returned to South Africa. One rumour has it that she died during voyage home and was possibly buried at sea but later documents show that she survived her husband. Thomas died in Durban on 11 October 1970 at Addington Hospital. His place of residence at time of death was 16 Boulevard Court, Winder Street, Durban. he left a will and moveable property. Information from S.A: The estate file of Thomas Scholey Petch provides the following info:
His identity number: 311-281127W
Race: European (white)
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Pensioner
He was a retired rodent inspector with the Johannesburg Municipality. His death certificate states that he received a war veterans pension and a British Government Pension.

His son John enlisted in the South African Infantry and was killed at El Alamein on 23 October 1942 and is buried in the El Alamein Cemetery in Egypt.

Annie Sophia married Herbert SHEPHERD in Doncaster in 1909, they had three children. Annie died in Wycombe in 1970.

Percival Mutimour (Percy) joined the York and Lancaster Regiment in 1905 having worked as a tailor for his father previously. His attestation records state that he had a triangular scar over his left eye and that his right testicle was smaller than the left.  He left the Army in 1913 into the Reserves but rejoined in 1914 when WWI started.  He was sent to France with the British Expeditionary Forces in September 1914 and returned to UK in 1916. He had a bit of a chequered Army career being AWOL for 17 days in 1909 and received 14 days detention. He incurred some loss of pay in 1914 and in 1918 was undergoing treatment at Connaught Hospital, Aldershot for syphilus. He was awarded the 1914 Star and Victory Medal. Percy married Catherine RUSSELL in Doncaster in 1918, they had five children born between 1919 and 1936: Roland, Gordon, Reginald, Christopher and Jeffrey .  Sometime prior to 1926 Percy began a relationship with another woman Jessie MELLOR with whom he had another seven children between 1926 and 1936: John, Harry, Donald Jessie, Nora, Ivy and Percival.  Percy died in Wakefield in 1937.  It is possible that Catherine remarried later that year to Leonard BOWER and then died soon afterwards in 1939. Of their children Reginald died shortly after birth in 1923, Roland died in 1936, Christopher is a schoolboy living in Gainsborough in 1939 with a couple called Frank and Florence ROBINSON. I cannot find Gordon or Jeffrey on the 1939 register but Gordon married Vera KEELIGAN in 1942 and Jeffrey married Pauline BRIGGS in 1956.  Jessie can be found on the 1939 register living at 7 High Street, Crofton, Wakefield. Living with her are John and Jessie, 5 other names are blanked out but I suppose these to be Harry, Donald, Nora Ivy and Percival. Jessie's name is entered as MELLOR but PETCH has been transcribed over it at a later date.  The children are entered with the surname PETCH. Jessie died in in 1979 in Wakefield and the entry in the Death Register lists her name as MELLOR PETCH.

Olive (Amelia) married Arthur Herbert BOWERS on 12 October 1919 in Doncaster. She had previously worked as a house maid for the CORRIE family in Doncaster. Olive and Arthur had one son Geoffrey Herbert BOWERS born 1920 and a daughter Pauline (possibly adopted). Olive died in 1971 in Epping, Essex.

Ivy Fletcher worked as a kitchen maid for the Corrie family in Doncaster before her marriage on 24 December 1921 to Harry GLEDHILL. Ivy and Harry had four children Ivy, Margaret, John and Raymond. Ivy died in 1994 in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

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Reuben was born in Swaffham on 2 December 1850. He married Sarah Ann GARNETT on 24 September 1875 in Swaffham, they had four children: Nora, Miriam, Grace and Reuben. In 1905 he married Caroline Ann LEE at Kings Lynn, Norfolk and they had twelve children: Morris Mutimer, Hazel Eileen, Lorrimer Heathbourne, Carmia Doreen, Vera Rowena, Glenice Matilda, Denver Harleigh, Alsa Lerine, Gaynor Hingham, Leo Tolstoy, Caroline Ann and Robert Westfield. In 1881 Reuben and Sarah are living at Eastville, Lincolnshire and he is working as a porter for GNR. He has a change of address and employment by 1891, he is now working as an insurance agent and living in Enfield, Middlesex. 1901 shows another change of address and employment this time he is a fish drier living at Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire. Sarah died in 1900 while they were living here and Reuben remarried in 1904 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and there eldest son is born Wimbotsham near Downham Market. In 1911 he living at Harringworth, Northamptonshire but he census shows that other children have been born at Kings Lynn and Tottenhill near Kings Lynn, Stretford, Lancashire, and Barrowden, Rutland. Reuben's employment is given as a fish and poultry dealer. He died in 1922 at Lyddington near Oakham, Rutland and is buried there. After his death Caroline remained at Green House, Lyddington, Rutland and died there in 1958.

Nora was born 10 September 1899 in Eastville, Lincolnshire. She married John PHILLIPS in 1902 and they lived at Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire and then moved to Leeds, Yorkshire. They had two daughters, Madeline and Isabel neither of whom married.  In 1911 John is a blacksmith and they are living at Train gate, Kirton in Lindsey, also living with them is Nora's youngest sister Rubene, who is working as a pupil teacher.  In 1939 John is a master blacksmith and they have moved to Park House, Morley Leeds. Madeline is a an elementary school teacher and Isobel is a lecturer at a training college. Nora died in 1975 in Leeds.

Miriam was born 29 August 1881 in Louth, Lincolnshire.  She married Charles Richard GREENFIELD in Bromley, kent in 1908 and in 1911 they are living in Chislehurst, Kent.  Charles is a newsagent and they have one daughter, Kathleen, The family moved to Keighley, Yorkshire and in 1939 are living at 209 Bradford Road with Kathleen and a widow named Olive THOMPSON. Charles is a nurseryman. They later moved to  2 Beech Grove, Bingley. Miriam died in Bingley in 1953 and Charles in 1957.  Charles was last seen alive on 10 July. Probate was granted to Kathleen, he left effects of £2897 14s 3d. Kathleen was recorded as being a "ladies companion" in 1939, she never married and died in a Nursing Home in Bingley in 1990.  She left effects not exceeding £100,000.

Grace was born on 8 June 1883 at Gedney Dyke in Lincolnshire. In 1911 she is working as a servant to Jane BIRKETT in Blackheath. In 1935 at Spilsby in Lincolnshire she married Harry Burton FOSTER. Harry had been married previously and had two children.  Grace and Harry had no children together. In 1939 they are living at Ashwell, near Oakham, Rutland where Harry is working as a coal dealer. Grace died in 1974 in Rutland.

Reubene was born in 1893 at Wrawby in Lincolnshire. in 1901 she is a scholar living with her widowed father and sisters at Kirton in Lindsey.  In 1911 she is still liviny in Kirton in Lindsey but with her sister, Nora and brother in law and their two daughters.  Reubene working for the County Council as a student teacher. I can find no further records for Reubene. She could possibly be the blanked out entry with Nora Phillips household on the 1939 Register.

Morris Mutimer was born in 1902 at Wimbotsham, Downham Market, Norfolk. He was the eldest child of Reuben Stephen Mutimer PETCH and his second wife Caroline LEE. In 1911 the family are living at Harringworth, Kettering, Northamptonshire. In 1926 he married Valentine Viola STYLES in Petersfield Hampshire.  They had two children Terrence and Lorrimer. who were born in Petersfield then Morris moved to Edinburgh and had four more children; Maurice Ian H, Jeanette Violet, Ida Victoria and Robert Lansbury.  In 1951 Morris was living at Craigmillar, 51 Castle Avenue, Edinburgh.  Morris died in 1974 and Valentine a year later.

Hazel Eileen was born in Kings Lynn 27 January 1894. She married John W. CRICK in Uppingham, Rutland in 1932. In 1939 they are living at 162 Finedon Road, Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire. John is a fitter at a motor works.  They had four children. John died in 1983 and Hazel in 1990 at Kettering.

Lorrimer Heathbourne was born in Tottenhill, Kings Lynn on 15 February1905. Lorrimer never married. In 1939 he is living at The Green House, Lyddington with his mother and working as a carpenter.  He died in 1964.

Carmia Doreen was born in Barton upon Irwell, Stretford, Lancashire on 5 September 1906. In 1939 she is living at The Green House, Lyddington with her mother and is recorded as a "mother's help". Carmia never married. She died on 19 September 1988 and was buried on 23 September.

Vera Rowena was born in Barton upon Irwell, Stretford, Lancashire on 5th September 1906, twin sister to Carmia.  In 1937 she married Reginald G. WELCH at Uppingham, Rutland. They moved to the New Forest in Hampshire and in 1939 Reginald is a caretaker at The Retreat in Pilley.  They had two children. Vera died in Hampshire in 1988.

Glenice Matilda was born in Barrowden, Rutland on 5 July 1908.  In 1939 she is living at The Green House, Lyddington with her mother and is recorded as a clothing machinist. In 1957 she married Albert J. A. NICHOLS in Oakham, Rutland. They had no children. Glenice died on 26 December 1997 in Uppingham and was buried on 5 January 1998.

Denver Harleigh was born in Barrowden, Rutland on 12 September 1910.  In 1939 he is living at The Green House, Lyddington with his mother and is recorded as a kitchen gardener. He married Sheila J. SOUTHWELL in Newton Abbott in 1964 and they had one child. Denver died in 1993 in Peterborough.

Alsa Lerine was born was born 22 May 1912 in Uppingham, Rutland. In 1938 she married Ronald W. DOWNS in Uppingham. In 1939 she is living at The Green House, Lyddington with her mother.

Gaynor Hingham was born on 12 June 1914 at Harringworth, Northamptonshire. In 1934 he married Elisabeth A. BLANKLEY in Uppingham. In 1939 he is a coal merchant living in Main Street, Lyddington with his wife, son Robert George and three others blanked out on the census. he is also a member of the Auxillary Fire Service. In 1970 he is listed as a fencing contractor living at Noel Arms, Ridlington near Uppingham, Rutland. Gaynor died in 2003 in Leicestershire.

Leo Tolstoy was born on 17 August 1917 in Lyddington, Rutland.  In 1939 he is living at The Green House, Lyddington with his mother and is recorded as a dairyman. in 1941 he married Rachel M. BRYANT in Uppingham. They had one child Sandra Lee born in Stamford in 1942 she diedin Arizona in 2003.

Caroline Alberta was born 20 September 1918.  In 1939 she is living at The Green House, Lyddington with her mother and is recorded as a clothing machinst. She married John C. TAYLOR in Uppingham in 1942. she died in 2002 in Kettering.

Robert Westfield was born in Lyddington in 1921. He became a sapper in the Royal Engineers during WWII. In 1944 he married Ethel Joan ELLINGWORTH in Uppingham. A few months later, on 5 November 1944, Robert was killed in action in the Netherlands.  He is buried at The Mierlo War Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. Commonwealth War Graves Commission .  He is remembered on the Roll of Honour in Lyddington Church.  A son, Nicholas, was born to Ethel in the Spring of 1945. Ethel remarried in 1949.


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