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Various spellings include: REEDER, REDER, READER, REDE

On the 11th October 1779, in Swaffham, Elizabeth REEDER married Robert HAYHOE. They were married by Licence and the Licence Allegation gives a birth year for Robert of 1754 and names William REEDER as Elizabeth's father.

Elizabeth Reeder was the daughter of William REEDER and Lydia WATTS, baptised on 19th March 1759 (1760) at Swaffham.

Elizabeth and Robert had five children : Elizabeth (1783-1784), Mary (1788-1810), Sarah (1791-1850) Robert (1795-1823) and John James (1800-1860) For more information about Sarah see The Petch Family Page. For more information about Robert and John James see The Heyhoe Family Page

William REEDER was baptised at Swaffham on 12 September 1732, he was the son of John REEDER and Elizabeth CALVY. On 3 November at Great Dunham, Norfolk he married Lydia WATTS. Lydia was possibly the daughter of Steven and Martha WATTS who baptised their Lydia at North Tuddenham, Norfolk on 6 March 1735.

William and Lydia had 5 children all born in Swaffham: Mary (1755), Elizabeth (1758-1834), Thomas (1760), John (1763-1763) and William (1764) Lydia was buried at Swaffham on 15 August 1767. It is not known where William died.

William's father John was baptised at Swaffham on 25 October 1702. He was the son of John REEDER and Bridget GOODBODY. He married Elizabeth CALVY at Swaffham on 12th October 1726. Elizabeth is recorded as being a singlewoman on some of the records and a widow on one. If she had been previously married then her name could have been CULHAM . John and Elizabeth had five children all baptised in Swaffham : Thomas (1728), William (1732), John (1735), Ann (1738) and John (1740). Elizabeth was buried at Swaffham on 16 April 1740 and John on 3 June 1743

John REEDER was baptised at Swaffham on 27 August 1672. He was the son of Thomas REEDER and Sarah. John married Bridget GOODBODY at Swaffham on 23 December 1700. They had 7 children; Elizabeth (1701), John (1702-1743), Thomas (1705-1727), Sarah (1707-1712), Robert (1709), Ann (1713) and William (1716-1775). John was buried at Swaffham on 7 September 1720 and Bridget on 6 September 1748. Bridget was possibly the daughter of Robert GOODBODY and Elizabeth TURNER who was baptised on 27 October 1678 at Swaffham.

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