Reeder Family Page

On the 11th October 1779, in Swaffham, Elizabeth REEDER married Robert HAYHOE.

It has long been presumed that Elizabeth Reeder was the daughter of Thomas REEDER and Elizabeth RUSSELL, baptised on 25th March 1759 at Swaffham.

Recently I noticed an entry in the Swaffham Parish Records for another Elizabeth REEDER, baptised 11th March 1758.  More research is needed to try to discover which of these two Elizabeth Reeders married Robert Hayoe.

Various spellings include: REEDER, REDER, READER

In the meantime I will go with belief that it is the first mentioned Elizabeth. If this is correct then the REEDER Family History goes back to John REDER born c 1675 and includes the RUSSELL, CALVY and GOODBODY families.
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