Campbell Family History

Roger Campbell, son of James Gordon CAMPBELL and Winifred Daisy CREASY.

James was actually born Leslie Gordon Hopkins, which is why the CAMPBELL Family History becomes the the HOPKINS Family History.

Branches of the Campbell/Hopkins Tree

Bridges Campbell Eason Garland Hinge
Hopkins Hudson Jackson Keen Kite

The Hopkins family were from Ospringe, near Faversham, Kent but branches of the tree can be found in Herne, Blean, Chislett and other towns and villages around the north coast of Kent.

We have been researching the history of the Campbell/Hopkins family since 1998.

We have made contact with a lot of lovely people while doing the research. These people and family members, old or recently discovered, have been invaluable either by exchanging and sharing information or recounting family facts, anecdotes or rumours.

Thanks to every one of you that has helped us in any way with our research.

The database contains information on 37 direct branches of the family tree covering 1490 individual family members.

The Ancestry Chart shows Roger's Campbell/Hopkins and Creasy lines of ancestry.

Roger's Pedigree Chart provides information on the direct line of ancestors from both HOPKINS and CREASY families.

The Surname List covers 310 names from both families and their various branches.

The Campbell and CREASY menus provide links for the family branches in each line of ancestry.

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