This site displays the genealogical history that I have researched for my family, my husband's family and my daughter-in-law's family.

I have split each family into the paternal tree and its branches and the distaff tree and branches.  Each family homepage has a list of surnames of the various branches of that family tree.


On each page I have included a Family Report listing and providing links to the members of each generation. There is also a Descent Chart which displays the information as a Family Tree.  The List of names which provides links to the other surnames associated with the family through marriage. The pdf report is a downloadable and printable report of each family. N.B. some of these reports are very large and can run to many pages.


Researching the history of these families and all their branches has been very interesting and a lot of fun and I still have much to discover. On some of the branches I am unsure how much further back I will be able to get - such as the Merrifield branch which now pre-dates most written records - but I live in hope - one never knows exactly what is out there waiting to be discovered. The one branch that I would dearly like to find out more about is William Donohue and Catherine Murphy. Looking for these two people in Irish records is like looking for a needle in a haystack! UPDATE as a result of finding DNA matches I now know a bit more about the MURPHY branch of my tree. I found Catherine's parents and subsequently her brothers and sisters and their families and solved a family mystery of how we were related to the CURRANs.

The information on this website is a result of many, many hours of research in record offices and libraries before so much became available online. I believe the information to be correct but if you know different please tell me.

Over the years I have met and corresponded with others who are researching branches of the DEANS, BURTON, HOPKINS/CAMPBELL, CREASY, BISHOP and JARMAN families and I am indebted to them for information we have been able to share as well as to more immediate family members who have recounted anecdotes, stories and rumours.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped in any way.


(c) 2020 Pamela Deans