Deans Family

So, the DEANS family came from Cardiff! That is what I always thought until I started to research the family after my father died.

Branches of the Deans Family

Arthur Ambrose Anderson Best Brabyn
Brown Bradley Code Cowl Deans
Donohue Helyar Hornabrook Mayhow Maddix
Merrifield Murphy Nisbet Parnell Pearse
Price Row Sprey Weymond

I soon found out that my great-grandfather DEANS had been born in India and that his father was from Dalkeith in Scotland where we meet the ANDERSON, AMBROSE and NISBET branches. Robert Deans had served in the British Army and married Elizabeth PRICE from Devonport, Their son, James Deans married Maria BRABYN and we get the BRABYN, HORNABROOK, PARNELL, MERRIFIELD and other families from Cornwall. Arthur David Alexander DEANS was the son of James and Maria and he married Alice DONOHUE. The DONOHUEs and MURPHYs came from Cork in Ireland

The database contains information on 8689 individual family members.

The Surname Listcovers 1778 unique surnames from both families and their numerous branches.

The Interactive Pedigree Report generated by Legacy links the individuals within both sets of families.

The Pedigree Chart shows my Deans and Burton line of ancestry.

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