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Harriet BALLS was born in 1849. She was the daughter of Samuel BALLS and Mary Ann HORTH. She married George CREASY in 1878 in Effingham, Surrey, England.

Please refer to the Descent Report and Chart or follow the link to John Creasy -Descendants for more information about individuals of each generation.

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James was born about 1738 possibly in or around Neatishead and Irstead. He married Elizabeth REMMONDS on 20 October 1763 in Ludham, Norfolk. James and Elizabeth had seven children: James, Thomas, William, John, Mary Ann, Samuel and Mary Ann. James died on the 18 August 122 in Irstead and was buried there on 23 August that year. Elizabeth was also buried there on 13 November 1827. James made a Will before he died which was proved at North Walsham 14 October 1822.

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James - see James (and Elizabeth Abbott)

Thomas was baptised at Ludham, Norfolk on the 29 June 1771. On 30 December 1811 Thomas married Susannah CADGE at Scottow. They had one son Thomas Cadge BALLS born on the 7 July 1816 and baptised at Scottow on 20th July 1816. By this time Thomas and Susannah had made their home at Scottow and Thomas was working as a wheelwright. Thomas appears in the Register of Electors in 1832  recording that he has freehold land in Swanton Abbott occupied by his brother William.  Susannah died in 1830 and the 1841 census shows Thomas living alone with his son at Fairstead they are both wheelwrights. Thomas died in 1841 and was buried in Scottow on 19 November that year. He had made a will, dated 1836, which left his goods and property to his son Thomas Cadge Balls and naming three of his brothers as executors of the will: James, William and John Balls. The contents of the Will suggest that these brothers live in houses on land belonging to Thomas, this may be the reason his brother Samuel is not mentioned in the will. The will was proved at Norwich in 1843 and states Thomas's death date as 11 November 1842 yet the Parish records for Scottow record his burial taking place on 19 November 1841.   His son, Thomas Cadge Balls married Rebecca FAIRMAN of Banningham in 1844. Thomas and Rebecca had four children but the eldest three all died in infancy Susanna 1846-1850, Rebecca 1847-1847 and Thomas 1851-1851. In 1851 Thomas and Rebecca are living at Fairstead where Thomas is recorded as a master carpenter employing 4 journeymen. Their young son Thomas is with them as well as a servant and a visitor. Their fourth child, a daughter named Susannah Mary was  baptised at Scottow on 5th May 1853. On  20 November 1858 a notice was printed in the County newspaper stating that Thomas Cadge Balls of Scottow had signed an indenture that placed all his personal estate and effects in to the hands of trustees to be shared amongst his creditors. It seems likely that Thomas and Rebecca are now living separate lives. In the 1861 census Rebecca and their daughter Susannah are living with her parents at Westwick, Norfolk whilst Thomas is a visitor at the home of Robert and Ann RAYNER at Swanton Abbott, the census stated that he is a retired carpenter.  Thomas is in more trouble in 1863 when he pleads guilty to stealing a quantity of lead piping to the value of 10s from Joseph MACE in North Walsham. He is sentenced to one month's hard labour. In 1871 Rebecca and Susannah are living at Banningham. Rebecca is head of the household and an annuitant. Thomas is lodging with Henry and Emma fisher at Stalham and his occupation is given as an accountant. Thomas died on the 10 May 1872 and was buried at Scottow on the 15 May 1872. Rebecca and Susannah continue to live at Banningham for the rest of their lives. Rebecca is either recorded as an annuitant or living on own means, no occupation or status is ever recorded for Susannah. Rebecca died on 11 March 1904 at Banningham and is buried there near her parents. Susannah died 4 years later on 8 December 1908 at Banningham and was also buried there on 21 December. Probate on her estate was granted to Philip EDEN, farmer and Edmund Dennis BROWNE, solicitor's clerk on 21 December at Norwich. She left effects of £917 5s.

William was baptised at Ludham on 29 January 1775. On 28 July 1802 he married Sarah SEWELL at Framlingham, Norfolk.  William and Sarah had four children: Charles, Thomas Sewell, Elizabeth and Hannah Cooper.In 1832 the Register of Electors records that William is a tenant in a dwelling at Swanton Abbott freehold of his brother Thomas. A report on footpaths at Swanton Abbotts gives us an idea of where William may have lived. The 1841 census shows that William is a farmer and is living on his own at Swanton Abbott. The address is given as Miller's Corner in the 1851 census and his daughter Hannah COLES, herself now a widow is living with him as a housekeeper along with her two sons, Charles and William. William's occupation stat es that he is a farmer of 16 acres employing one man and this is probably his grandson Charles COLE. By 1861 William has retired from farming and agin living on his own at Worstead Road, Swanton Abbott. William was buried on 27 March 1867 at Swanton Abbott.

John was baptised at Potter Heigham on 21 September 1777. It is not known who John first married or when or if they had any children but on 4 October 1819 John married Sarah CRANE at North Walsham and the marriage record states that he was a widower. In 1841 John and Sarah are living in White Horse Lane North Walsham and have one daughter Sarah. In 1851 John is a visitor with thto John and Mary CRANE's house on White Horse Common. John is a farmer of 35 acres employing 3 men. John's wife is staying with their daughter and her husband Sarah and William COE at Ships Yard North Walsham . By 1861 John is again a widower and living with Sarah and William Coe in Reeves Lane North Walsham. John is recorded as being a former farm bailiff. John was buried at North Walsham on 6 October 1861.

Mary Ann was baptised at Potter Heigham on 24 March 1780. She was buried at Ludham on 2 November 1783.

Samuel was born at Potter Heigham in 1782. He married Charlotte MORTAR in Neatishead on 14 August 1813 and they made their home near Irstead where they had five children: Mary Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth, Samuel and Charlotte. Samuel spent his life working as an agricultural labourer. In 1841 their address is given as near The Broad in Irstead and in 1851 at or near The Grove. In 1851 their grandson John SIDELL, son of Elizabeth is living with them marked as a visitor. Charlotte died in 1855 and is buried in the churchyard at Irstead. The 1861 census records Samuel as a widower and his daughter Mary as his housekeeper, John Sidell is still living with him and working as an agricultural labourer aged 12. Samuel died on 10 April 1866 and was buried along side Charlotte on 24 April. His will was proved at Norwich on 16 May on the oath of Charles LONDON labourer one of the executors Effects of under £100.

James Balls (1765-1843)        Top of the page

James was baptised at Ludham, Norfolk on 6 January 1775. He was the son of James BALLS and Elizabeth REMMONDS. On 11 October 1789 he married Judith Durrant ABBOTT (ABBITT) at Potter Heigham. They had three children: James, William and John before Judith died . She was buried at Potter Heigham on 11 November 1800. James then married Elizabeth STUBBS. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, born 1804 who died in infancy the following year. James’ wife Elizabeth was buried at Potter Heigham on 30 September 1841 and James was buried there on 14 May 1843

Children of James Balls and Judith Abbott        Top of the page

James - see James Balls(1789-1872)

William was born on 22 February 1796 at Ludham, Norfolk and baptised there on 24 February 1796. On 12 October 1823. He married Mary Ann KING at Scottow, Norfolk. In 1841 they are living at Bird’s Yard Scottow and William is a j carpenter (journeyman Carpenter). Their address is given as Fairstone, Scottow in 1851. There is no address given in 1861 but they are next to the grocer’s shop in Scottow. William and Mary Ann had eight children Henery, Maria, William, James, James, Mary Ann, Jane Mina and Sarah A. William died in 1869 and is buried at Irstead on 27 February 1869. Mary died in 1885, she was living with her daughter Maria BRACKENBURY in Knapton. Two of William and Mary's children emigrated to USA. in 1910 William B. Hazel and Thomas Hazel are living in Kalamazoo Michegan.

John was baptised at Ludham on 25 March 1788. On 9 October 1822. He married Amy ELLIS at Repps, Norfolk. In 1841 John is a farmer and he and Amy are living at Varley’s Lane. They still lived in Repps in 1851 John is a farm labourer but in 1861 the address is given as Market Road. John and Amy had seven children: James, Sarah, Joseph Elizabeth, John, William and Hannah. In 1871 They are living close to the Waterman’s Arms and John is a pauper John was buried at Repps on 22 October 1871. A great-great grandson of John and Amy, Percy James SHREEVE served with the 1st Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment in WWII.  He died in Burma (Myanmar) in 1944 and is buried at Taukkyan War Cemetery Coll Grave 14 E 1-8. He is commemorated on the War Memorial aat Rollesby. Samuel JOHNSON, another great-great-grandson was lost ar sea on 5 November 1916. He was a Deck Hand on HM Trawler "Cantatrice" which hit a mine and sank off the coast of Great Yarmouth. Samuel is commemorated on the War Memorial at Repps and on the Chatham Naval Memorial ref. 19

James Balls (1789-1872)        Top of the page

James was baptised at Potter Heigham, Norfolk on 20 November 1789. He was the son of James BALLS and Judith (DURRANT) ABBOTT (ABBITT). James married Ann TURNER at Irstead on 7 November 1814. Ann was baptised in Neatishead on 18 November 1792, she was the base born daughter of Elizabeth Turner. James and Ann had seven known children: Samuel, James, John, May, Thomas, William and Judith. In 1841 James and Ann are living at The Shoals, Irstead and they continue to live there all their lives with James working as an agricultural labourer. Sometime before 1861 James takes on the responsibility as Clerk of the Parish. James died on 9 June 1872 and is buried at Irstead. His grave can be seen as you enter the gate into the churchyard. Ann is buried there with him, she died a little earlier on 9 January 1872. Their burial entries in the Parish Register are one after the other.

Children of James Balls and Ann Turner        Top of the page

Samuel - see Samuel Balls

James was born at 28 December 1817 at Irstaed and baptised there on 30 December that year. He married Maria BOWRING at Irstead on 6 July 1847 they had 3 children William, Judith and Marianne (Mary Anne). In 1851 his occupation is recorded as a fisherman and the family are living at Lower Road, Irstead. Maria died and was buried at Irstead on 27 July 1852. James then married at Barton Turf on 8 May 1856. In 1861 James is recorded as an Innkeeper at the White Horse Neatishead with wife Ann, daughters Judith and Mary Ann and step daughter Rachel GRIMES entered as his daughter in law. James and Ann remain at the White Horse for 1871 and 1881 census. In 1881 his occupation is also given as a farmer of 10 acres employing boy. Mary Ann died in 1888 at Horning and James was also buried there on 12 August 1889.

John was born at Irstead on 28 May 1820 and baptised there a few days later on the 4 June. In 1841 John is recorded living at Hall Farm Irstead working for Robert SMITH a few houses away from where his parents are living. On 1 November 1843 John married Sarah Ann SCARLAND at Irstead. They had one daughter Sarah Ann born in 1843 and baptised at Neatishead on 5 January 1844. John died just 4 years after his marriage on 4th September and was buried on 10 September 1847 at Irstead. Sarah Ann then married Christmas HAYNES in 1849 at Neatishead. John and Sarah's daughter, Sarah Ann died young too, she was buried at Irstead on 27 April 1869.

Mary was born on the 26 October and baptised on 28 October 1822 at Irstead In 1851 she is recorded working as a housemaid to Thomas SPILLING at Burgh Castle, Norfolk. She died the following year on 1 April and was buried at Irstead on12 April 1853.

Thomas was born on 18 November and baptised on 24 November 1824 at Irstead and is recorded living with his parents at The Shoals Irstead in the 1841 census. On 21 October 1850 he married Caroline Eve COOK at Irstead. In 1851 they are recorded living at Three Hammer Common Neatishead and Thomas works as an agricultural labourer. T hey then moved to live at Lower Farm Irstead and Thomas spends the next 40 or so years working there as an agricultural labourer. They have six children: John, Mary, Thomas, Ann, Thirza and Jesse. Also living and working at Lower Farm are Samuel BALLs and his wife Hannah and family and Thomas and Eliza BALLS and their family Samuel and Thomas were his great-uncles. Caroline was buried at Irstead on 12 January 1889 and in 1891 Thomas is recorded as living at “B” Road, “B” House. Irstead believed to be Broad House Broad Road His daughter Jessy and her husband George J CHAMBERS are living with Thomas and Jessy is recorded as his housekeeper. Thomas was buried at Irstead 2 May 1892.  Thomas's daughter Thirza married Charles LONDON and in 1883 emigrated to Ontario Canada with their son Charles. Thomas's great-grandson Walter John Lightwing was killed during WWII. He was a Private in the 5th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment and died 15 February 1942. He is buried at Kranji Cemetery, Singapore. (photo of grave).  Another grandson Robert George SEWELL was also killed in WWI. He was a Private in 1st/4th Bn Norfolk Regiment.  He is buried at the 7th Field Ambulance Cemetery, Gallipoli. His records show where he was buried. Two years later his brother Charles Henry SEWELL was killed in action in France. He was serving in The London Regiment and died on 1 December 1917. He is commemorated on the Cambrai Memorial Louverval Panel 11 Both Charles Henry and Robert George Sewell are remembered on the Norfolk Roll of Honour and on the War Memorial at Wymondham.

William was born on the 22 August 1826 and baptised ar Irstead on 27 August 1826. In 1841 and 1851 he is living with his family at The Shoals in Irstead and works as an agricultural labourer. On 1 August 1852 he marries Ruth HOBY in Fulham, London. His occupation is given as a brewer's servant and his address as Hammersmith. William and Ruth are living at 1 South Place Fulham in 1861 and 8 Peterboro Lane in 1871. William is still working for the brewery as a drayman. They have seven children: Eliza, William, George, Mary Ann, Alice, Charlotte Ann and Judith Elizabeth. In 1925 Letitia Ruby BALLS, daughter of George, and John Thomas LURY, son of Charlotte marry at Hammersmith.

Judith was born on 10 June and baptised on 14 June at Irstead. In 1841 she is living with her parents at The Shoals. Irstead. She died aged 19 years on 21 September 1848 and was buried at Irstead on 26 September that year.

Samuel Balls        Top of the page

Samuel was born 15 May 1815 at Irstead, Norfolk and baptised at the Church 21 May 1815. His family were living near the Staithe in Irstead. By 1841 Samuel has left home and is living and working at Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk. Samuel married Mary Ann HORTH on 30 March 1841 at the church of St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth , they already have a daughter, Mary Ann BALLS HORTH born in October 1840. On the 1841 census Samuel is recorded as an agricultural labourer living at Ferry Boat Row and he and Mary have one child. 1851 they have moved to West Road, Caister with their six children and Samuel is working as a farm labourer. In 1861 their address is given as Frog Hall, Caister and Samuel is recorded as a gardener master of 3 ½ acres, they have one more child. Samuel continues to work as a market gardener, in 1871 the address is given as West End but in 1881 as Frocks Hall. Samuel and Mary had eight children: Mary Ann, Charlotte, Samuel, James, John (Jack), Harriet, Judith and Sarah Ann. Mary died in 1883 and was buried at Caister Section 17 Grave 2 Interment 122. In 1891 Samuel is living with his son Samuel at Low Road, he is recorded as married even though he is a widower. In 1901 Samuel is living at Clink and receiving Parish Relief, his son Samuel is living with him and working as a teamster on a farm. Samuel died at Caister in 1905 and is buried alongside Mary.

Children of Samuel Balls and Mary Ann Horth        Top of the page

Mary Ann was born 31 October 1840 and baptised on 23 November that year at Great Yarmouth. She was given the name Mary Ann Balls HORTH but Samuel was not named as the father. The following year on 30 March her parents married at St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth and Mary Ann is recorded with them on the 1841 census living at Ferry Boat Row, Caister. In 1851 she is a scholar living with her parents and siblings at West Road, Caister and in 1861 as a gardener’s daughter living at Frog Hall, Caister. Mary Ann married Thomas James GEARING on 11 October 1874 at the Parish Church Great Yarmouth, witnesses were Samuel Balls and Sarah Ann Balls. Thomas is a Sergeant but no other details given. In 1881 Mary Ann and Thomas are at the 31st Brigade Depot at Southtown, Gorleston, Suffolk. Thomas is father and head of the family and they have four children all born at Gorleston. Ann aged 6, Thomas William aged 5, aged 4 and Frederick George aged 5 months. Thomas died later that year leaving Mary a widow, she died in 1890 and was buried at Great Yarmouth on 12 March her address is Row 57. I believe Thomas and Mary Ann had two more children Eleanor and Charles Edwin who both died in infancy as did Frederick George. Their son Robert Samuel served in The Royal Army Medical Corps first as a private later as a Warrant Officer and in 1921 was promoted to Lt.In 1924 he was awarded an MBE.

Charlotte was born in Caister on 18 March 1842 and baptised there on 1 May 1842. In 1851 she is living with her parents at West Road, Caister and is recorded as a scholar. In 1861 the address is given as Frog Hall and Charlotte is described as a gardener’s daughter. Charlotte gave birth to a daughter on 5 August 1861 and she was baptised as Emilie at Great Yarmouth on 8 September 1861, only Charlotte's name is recorded on the Parish record, no father. On 17 March 1863 Charlotte married John BROOKS at Caister, Norfolk. In 1871 the couple are living at West End, Caister. John is an agricultural labourer they have six children Emily, Samuel, Mary Ann, Sarah Ann, Ellen and Alice Mary and are living next door to Charlotte's parents. They are still living in the same place in 1881 but the address is now given as Frocks Hall, Charlotte’s parents are still living next door. John is a labourer and they have ten children and one grandson living with them: Emily has left home and John, Harriet Elizabeth, George William, Eliza Charlotte, Edith Selina and James Ernest have been born plus George Henry, their grandson. In 1891 they are living at Low Road, Caister and have six children with them May E, Martha Flora and Albert Edward have been born to Charlotte and John and George, Edith and James are still living at home. In 1901 they have moved to Ormesby Road and only Martha and Albert are living with them. John died in 1904 and in 1911 Charlotte is recorded as a widow living at Clay Road, Caister with Martha, a hotel laundress and a lodger Agnes Morrison doing knitting work on own account. Charlotte records that she had been married for 48 years had sixteen children, thirteen of whom are still living. Charlotte died 27 March 1928 at Caister. The newspaper obituary states that she spent the whole of her married life on the Caister Castle Estate. Herbert John LONG, grandson, died 4 June 1940. He was Chief Engineer on Fishing Vessel "Ocean Lassie". He is commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial panel 127. On 3 June 1840 HMT Ocean Lassie hit a mine and sank of Felixstow. Cause of Death: Drowning

Samuel was born on 9 November 1843 at Caisterand baptised there on 7 January 1844. He was an agricultural labourer all his working life living with his parents until they died. Sam never married or had any children. He died in 1924 in and was buried in Caister Borough Cemetery plot 20 row 23, on 5 June 1924

James was baptized at Caister on 7 September 1845 and lived with his family at Frog Hall. On 22 January 1870 at Fulham, London he married Bathsheba KING. He was living Hammersmith and working as a brewer. James and Bathsheba made their home in the Kings Road at Elysium Cottages and James continued to work as a brewer’s servant and drayman until sometime between 1881 and 1891. In the later census it states “no occupation” but Bathsheba in working in a sweetmeat shop. They have three children: James Ernest, Emily Sophie and Ethel M. James died in 1893 but Bathsheba continued to live at Elysium Cottage and is recorded as a sweet shop keeper in 1901. Her two daughters are still living with her. In 1911 she is living with her son and his family at 68 Sheen Road, Richmond and so is her daughter Emily. Bathsheba died in 1928 in Doncaster, Yorkshire

John was born at Caister on 28 August and baptised there a week later on 5 September 1847. He lived with his family at Frog’s Hall until he attested for the 39th Regiment of Infantry on 20 July 1870. He was a Private in the regiment, Service No. 1359 and served in the East Indies from November 1870 to January 1878. He was discharged from the Regiment on health grounds on 13 May 1878. His discharge papers state that he was a brewer by trade before attesting for the 39th. He married Amelia GRAVER at Yarmouth in 1879. In 1881 he and Amelia are living in Ormesby St Margaret, John is working as an agricultural labourer and they have one son John James William. The 1891 census gives their address as near The Green, Ormesby St Margaret and John is a general labourer and they have another son George Frederick. They are living at Wapping Ormesby St Margaret in 1901 and John is described as a domestic gardener and Amelia is working as a dressmaker. In 1911 John is a jobbing gardener, they have been married for 31 years and have two children but also living with them in 1911 is Lucy BALLS aged 14 born in London and recorded as their adopted daughter. John was buried at Ormesby St Margaret on 3 October 1921.

Harriet - see Harriet Balls

Judith was baptised at Caister on 5 October 1851. It is thought that she died in 1854.

Sarah Ann was born 8 October 1853 at baptised at Caister on 6 November 1863. She lived with her family at Frog Hall West End Caister until she married William SUTTON on 31 July 1882 at Caister. In 1891 they are living at Low Road Caister next door to Sarah Ann’s parents and William is working as a agricultural labourer. Sometime before 1901 they move to no. 3 Row 30 at Great Yarmouth and in 1911 G7 Row 1. William is a jobbing labourer they have been married for 29 years and have had 11 children 6 are living. William and Sarah both died at Great Yarmouth in 1921.  Their eldest son, William Charles was killed on 5 May 1917. He was a seaman in Royal Naval Reserve serving on S.S. Harmattan.  He is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial

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Harriet was born on 31 March 1849 at Caister-on Sea, Norfolk. She was the third daughter and sixth child of Samuel BALLS and Mary Ann HORTH. In 1851 she is living with her parents and brothers and sisters near West Road, Caister, her father is a farmer’s labourer. In 1861 she is recorded as a gardener’s daughter living with her family at “Frog Hall” Caister and Samuel is recorded as being a gardener master of 3 ½ acres. In 1871 she has left home and is working as a general servant to George W. SARGENT a chemist living at 3 Allason Terrace, Chelsea. On 30 January 1878 Harriet married George CREASY at Effinham, George was the son of George CREASY and Hannah STILLWELL of Effingham . George and Harriet had eight children (see Creasy Family History). Harriet and George made their home at Raglan Road, Reigate, Surrey where George had work as a coachman in 1881 and by then they had had two children George and Melinda. On 3 January 1882 Harriet gave birth to twins, William and Louisa but Louisa did not survive for long and was buried at Reigate on 11 January 1882. A newspaper report states that an inquest was held into the death of an newly-born CREASY child and it was found that the child had died as a result of accidental suffocation. Annie Louisa was born in 1886 followed by another set of twins Frederick and Edward who both died shortly after birth. Harriet’s last child Edwin was born in 1890. In 1891 Harriet and George are living at Worcester Cottages, Nutley Lane, Reigate and George is working as a gardener for Mr PHELPS in Somers Road, Harriet also worked for Mr Phelps. George died in 1893 leaving Harriet a widow with five children, the youngest Edwin being just 3 years old. George’s body was found beside the railway line at Nutley Bridge, a short distance from their home, he had been hit by a train. George had been suffering from rheumatic gout for some time and it had become increasingly worse. He had been unable to work and was worried about losing his job. The inquest delivered a verdict that George had been wandering along the railway line while temporarily insane and had been knocked down by a train. The members of the jury and the witnesses gave their fees to Hannah to help her and the children. In 1901 Harriet is working as a charwoman, she is still living at Worcester Cottages with her two youngest children and a lodger. In 1904 Harriet is summonds to court as a witness in a case where a young girl, who was living next door to Harriet is accused of attacking her father. 1911 Harriet’s address is given as 17 Worcester Road, she is still working as a charwoman and daughter Annie is living with her and working as a general domestic servant. The census states that Harriet is a widow but had been married for 34 years and had eight children 5 of whom were still alive. Harriet died 11 Oct 1921 and was buried on 15 October, her address was given as 43 Nutley Lane, Reigate.

Children of Harriet BALLS and George Creasy - see Creasy Family Page

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