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The link to the CREASY family occurs when James Gordon CAMPBELL (Leslie Gordon HOPKINS) married Winifred Daisy CREASY at Reigate, Surrey on 24 December 1933.

Please refer to the Descent Report and Chart or follow the link to John Creasy -Descendants for more information about individuals of each generation.

John Cressey 1708        Top of the page

The CREASY family history takes us back to John CRESSEY baptised at Ockley, Surrey on 8 May 1708, the son of John CRESSEY.He married a lady called Sarah probably around 1733. They had six children: Mary (1733), William (1734), Thomas (1737-1737), John (1738-1809), Thomas (1739) and Richard (1742). John’s death date is unknown but Sarah was buried at Ockley on 31 July 1754.

John Cressey 1738        Top of the page

John Creasy (CRESSEY) was baptised at Ockley, Surrey on 13 April 1738. He was the son of John and Sarah CRESSEY. John married Ann EDSHAW on 8 November 1761 at Ewhurst, Surrey. They had 12 children: Sarah (1762-1770), William (1763-1848), George (1765-1840), John (1767), Edward (1769-1794), James (1770-1778), Joseph (1772-1836), Isaac (1775-1840), Hannah (1777-1837), Richard (1778-1815), James (1780) and Sarah (1783). John was buried on 15 February 1809 at Abinger, Surrey; Ann was also buried there on 8 May 1817.

Children of John Cressey and Ann Edshaw        Top of the page

Sarah was baptised at Ewhurst Surrey in 18 April 1762. She was not quite eight years old when she died and she was buried at Ewhurst on 20 February 1770.

William was baptised at Abinger, Surrey on 30 October 1763. He married Mercy GRASHAM on 14 October 1792 at Shere, Surrey. William and Mercy had four children, Hannah, born 1792, George born 1795, Sarah born 1797 and Henry born 1799. Sarah died in 1798 and the following year Mercy died too and was buried on 26 October 1799 ar Abinger. Just two weeks later on 10th November Henry was buried there too. In 1841 William is living with his daughter Hannah and her husband William COLEMAN and family in Shere he is aged 75 his name is given as Creecy. William was buried at Shere 8 January 1848 just five days after his grandson George COLEMAN was buried there aged 11 Years. A great-great-grandson of William and Mercy, Ernest EDSER died on 20 September 1918 from wounds received in action while serving with the Royal Welch Fusiliers in Northern France he is buried at Five Points Cemetery Lechelle Pas de Calais.

George was baptised at Abinger 10 March 1765 he was buried at Ewhurst on 6 April 1840 as far as it is known he never married or had children.

John was baptised at Abinger on 26 April 1767. He married Sarah LEWER at Ewhurst on 27 May 1793. I can find just three children for them Harriet 1794- 1795, Sarah 1796-1798 and William 1799. John was buried at Abinger on 15 February 1809, nothing more is known about their son William.

Edward was baptised at Abinger on 22 January 1769 and was buried there on 12 October 1794. As far as is known he never married or had children.

James was baptised at Abinger on 7 October 1770 and buried there on 7 October 1778.

Joseph was baptised at Abinger on 15 November 1772. He married Sarah PUTTOCK at Abinger on 30 November 1795. They had five children James 1797, Henry 1800, Frederick 1803, John -1809 and Mary 1808. Joseph was buried at Abinger on 14 June 1836 and Sarah on 18 July 1849.

Their eldest son James born 1797, enlisted in the Infantry and fought in the Napoleonic Wars. There is a record of a James Creasey marrying Harriet WRIGHT at Effingham on 7 September 1834. Nothing else is know about either of them but there are records of a James Creasy being convicted at Central Criminal Court in 1835 and transported to Australia for 7 years on the vessel John Barry. Henry (Harry) born 1868, and his wife Florence emigrated to Canada. They made a home in Calgary and are buried there. Their son Harry later lived in California. William James Creasy born 1877 possibly emigrated to Colorado USA in 1903.  John Henry born 1892, DSM and Royal Humane Society Silver Medal . John Henry received both of these awards for his meritous actions whilst serving at Gallipoli and Suvla Bay on board HMS Osiris II (Strathlossie), a hired trawler that served as a minesweeper from 1914-1919. John Henry served Royal Navy 1909-1922. Eleanor Lydia Jane born 1893 married Andrew Jamieson NZ Expeditionary Force in 1917 and emigrated to NZ and died there 1982. A few months after her sister married Andrew Jameison, Edith Emily born 1898 also married a soldier from NZ, Fredrick Kelly and went to live in Dunedin along with her young son Cyril. Cyril died before he was 5 years old as the result of a cable car accident in Dunedin. Edith Emily died a few months before her sister in June 1982. Robert Thomas Creasy born 1896, served in the Machine Gun Corps Territorial Force, attesting in September 1914. He died 15.2.1919 of pneumonia brought about by the effects effects of WWI whilst on demobilisation leave. John Henry born 1896, son of Henry was a private in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Born in Bournemouth he had lived at Percy Road, Portsmouth before being sent to France. He died 3 September 1916 and is buried at Bethune Town Cemetery Pas de Calais.

Isaac - see Isaac Creasy and Leah Hill

Hannah was baptised at Ewhurst on 30 Mar 1777 she married Thomas HOLDAWAY in Ewhurst on 8 October 1797. I found 6 children born to Hannah and Thomas. Mary (1801-1820), John (1805) Charles (1807-1808) Sarah (1808) Harry (1810) and Harriet (1812-1812)

Richard was born at Ewhurst 20 December 1778 and baptised on 27 December that year he married Mary WILTON at Great Bookham on 18 July 1802 and they had a daughter Hannah baptised at Effingham on 27 January 1805. I can find no other records of children or for Mary and Hannah. Richard was buried at Little Bookham on 20 August 1815

James was baptised at Abinger 28 May 1870 I can find no other record

Sarah was baptised at Abinger on 16 February 1783 I can find no other record

Isaac Creasy and Leah Hill        Top of the page

Isaac CREASY was baptised at Abinger, Surrey on 9 April 1775. He was the son of John and Ann Creasy. He married Leah HILL at Wotton, Surrey on 13 October 1799 and they had seven children: John (1800-1870), Ann (1802), Edward (1804), George (1805-1862), James (1808-1829), Mary (1810) and Charlotte (1815) . John was buried in Effingham on 9 April 1840. The following year Leah is recorded on the census living with her daughter and son-in-law Mary and William Lewer in Effingham. Leah died at Abinger on 19 April 1859.

Children of Isaac and Leah        Top of the page

John was baptised at Effingham on 23 March 1800 . On the 1861 census he is living at White Down house with his sister and brother in law Mary and William LEWER. He is unmarried and working as an agricultural labourer. In 1851 he is lodging with John and Mary Ann PELLON at Red House Cottages, Newtimber, Sussex and working as a farm labourer. He is back living with his sister and brother-in-law in Effingham in 1861 working as an agricultural labourer unmarried. John died in 1870 and is buried at Effingham on 16 February 1870

Ann was baptised on 3 January 1802 at Effingham. No more definite information is known about her.

Edward was baptised at Effingham on 29 April 1804. In 1841 he is working as an agricultural labourer and living with his sister and brother-in-law Mary and William LEWER in Effingham. In 1851 he is recorded as a widower lodging with Charles CHEET and working as an agricultural labourer. There is no more information for Edward.

George - see George Creasy and Hannah Stillwell

James was baptised at Newtimber. Sussex on 28 August 1808. He was buried at Effingham on 13 July 1829

Mary was baptised at Newtimber, Sussex on 6 May 1810. She married William Lewer in EffingHam on 28 April 1832. In 1841 she is living at Meadow Place Cottage Hill. William is working as an agricultural labourer and they have Mary’s mother Leah living with them plus two of her brothers John and Edward. In 1851 they are living at Hill Farm Effingham and in 1861 at White Down house, they have Mary’s brother John living with them. Mary died in 1866 in Effingham.

Charlotte was baptised at Newtimber Sussex on 9 July 1815. On 10 October 1835 she married James WALLER at Effingham.. In 1841 they are living in a cottage near Hill Farm, Meadow Place Effingham next door to her sister Mary LEWER. James is an agricultural labourer. They are still there in 1851 but Charlotte’s mother Leah is now living with them. In 1881 Charlotte is recorded as a housekeeper and a widow living at Effingham Hill with her brother-in-law William LEWER who is a widower. Charlotte died in 1886.

George Creasy and Hannah Stillwell        Top of the page

George was the son of Isaac and Leah CREASY, He was born on 23 February 1805 at Newtimber, Sussex. George was baptised on 23 February 1805 at Newtimber, Sussex. He married Hannah STILLWELL on 14 October 1827 at Little Bookham in Surrey. Hannah was the daughter of Thomas STILLWELL and Elizabeth ECCLETON and was born at Little Bookham in 1808. 1841 George is a labourer living in Effingham with Hannah and six children. In 1851 George is working as an agricultural labourer and living with Hannah and seven children at Effingham Street, next door to the STILLWELLS. They are still living next door to the Stillwell’s in Effingham Street in 1861 and George is recorded as a farmer’s labourer. Their daughter Eliza is living with them but is recorded as Eliza THIRKETTLE, married and also her daughter Eliza Jane Thirkettle aged 10 months. Louisa is also still living with her parents They had ten children: Henry (1828-1889), Maria (1831), Edward (1833), Eliza (1835-1862), William (1838), James (1840), George (1843-1893), Ann (1846-1864), Sarah (Sally) (1848-1918) and Louisa (1851-1864). George was buried on 24 July 1862 in Effingham just three months after his daughter Eliza Thirkettle. Hannah continued to live in Effingham after George’s death. In 1871 she is working as a laundress alongside her daughter Sarah who is also living with her. Hannah’s mother Elizabeth QUELCH an annuitant is living with her too. In 1881 Hannah is recorded as a pauper and living with her is her daughter Sarah and son-in-law Thomas COX a gardener along with their four children. Hannah died in 1886.

Children of George and Hannah        Top of the page

Henry was baptised at Great Bookham, Surrey on 5 October 1828. In 1841 he is living with his parents and brothers and sisters in Effingham. In 1851 he has moved to Mickleham, Surrey and is working as a footman to Sophie BURMESTER in Mickleham Street. He is still working for Sophia Burmester in 1861 as a general servant. Later that year he married Elizabeth Sophia VINCENT at St Pancras, London on 29 June. In 1871 Henry and Elizabeth are living in London Road, Mickleham and Henry is working as a gardener. In 1881 he is living with his wife Elizabeth in Mickleham village, no occupation is given. Henry died in 1899

Maria was baptised at Effingham on 3 July 1831. In 1841 she is living in the Street Effinhgham with her parents a five siblings. She married William EDSOR in Brighton, Sussex on 19 April 1852. In 1861 they are living at 39 George Street Hove, they have two children and William is working as a bricklayer. William died in 1871 in the census that year Maria is living at 10 Lewes House she is a widow and working as a laundress, she has four children: Henry is a clerk at a pianoforte warehouse, Maria is a servant, William and Eliza are scholars. In 1874 another son, Ernest is born even though William has been dead for three years the child bears the name EDSOR. In 1881 Maria is living at 7 Aberdeen Road Brighton with Maria and Eliza who are working as laundress maids and Ernest who is a scholar. Maria is recorded as a laundress. Maria died in 1887 but by this time she had moved to St Albans, Hertfordshire. Henry became an elementary school master and moved first to Somerset and then to Tillington, Herefordshire in 1881 with his wife Marie KILLEN, then seemed to move about a lot: Somerset, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Yorkshire Glamorganshire and Derbyshire in. In 1901 they are living at LLanvihangel Llantarnum in Monmouthshire and Henry is now working as a labourer in an tin plate works. Henry died in 1927 and is buried in Swansea, Wales. Ethel was living with Harry Robert WIFFEN at Bloxwich Road Walsall in 1901 she is recorded as married and their daughter is 4 weeks old, visiting them is Ethel’s sister Gwennie. In fact Ethel and Harry didn’t marry until 1909 and Ethel died the following year, Their daughter Elsie Emily Mildred WIFFEN married Redvers BIRD. Gwendoline first married George Edward BALL who was killed in Gallipoli in 1915. They had a child Harry George Hood BALL born 1904. Gwennie then married Sydney MANNING in 1919. Sydney died 1927 and Gwennie in 1947 in Swansea . Nellie married Henry (Harry) GRIST in 1915 in Swansea although the 1911 census for Erith, Kent records them living in Manor Road married for two years no children. Nellie died in 1920 in Pontypool, Monmouthshire. Lydia was born in 1891 in Derbyshire but died as a baby.

Edward was baptised at Effingham on 31 March 1833. He is recorded with his parents and siblings in 1841 census at Effingham and as a lodger living next door to his parents and working as a groom. I can find no definite records for Edward after this. There are entries for Edward Creasy on Medal records for Soldiers who fought in the Crimean War.

Eliza was baptised at Effingham on 5 July 1835. She married William THIRKETTLE in Effingham on 10 August 1859 and their daughter Eliza Jane was born the following year. In 1861 Eliza is living with her parents and daughter at Effingham. She died She died in 1862 and was buried at Effingham on 20 April. Eliza Jane married James GARDINER in Effingham on 7 July 1883 and they made their home first in Chelsea and then in Leatherhead Surrey.

William was baptised at Effingham on 21 January 1838. In 1841 and 1851 he is living with his parents in Effingham. In 1871 he is living 2 Blomfield Street Yard East side with his wife Elizabeth and her brother James STOCKER. .William is working as a carman. I can find no more definite evidence for William but it is likely that he died in 1873 in Shoreditch.

James was baptised at Effingham on 17 May 18490. In 1841 he is living with his parents in Effingham. In 1864 James married Harriet ANDREWS In 1871 he is an agricultural labourer living at Gorringe Park Road, Mitcham, Surrey with his wife and two sons George and John. In 1881 they have moved to Watly (Whatley) Lane Merton, Surrey and James is a farm labourer his two sons are living with him and his wife. James is still working as an agricultural labourer in 1891 and their address is given as 2 Watery Lane Cottages, Watery Lane. George is still living with them and working as a house painter. In 1894 George died. In 1901 the address is given as 5 Manor Cottages Watery Lane James is still an agricultural labourer, Their son John is living with them although his status is given as married, he is working as a contractors carman. James and Harriet both died in 1904. It is possible after this that John emigrated.

George -  see George Ceasy and Harriet Balls

Anne was baptised at Effingham on 24 March 1846. In 1851 she is living with her parents in Effingham. In 1861 she is working as a housemaid to Lucy Rosa NASH in Leatherhead. Anne died aged 19 years in 1864 and was buried on 30 August just four days before her sister Louisa was buried there too.

Sarah (Sally) was baptised at Effingham on 24 September 1848. She appears on the 1851 census for Effingham with her parents but in 1861, aged just 12 years, she is working as a house servant for James WEST a grocer and draper in the High Street Effingham. In 1871 Sally is working as a laundress along with her widowed mother. They are living at Effingham along with her grandmother Elizabeth QUELCH a widow and annuitant. On 3 February 1872 Sally married Thomas COX at Effingham and in 1881 they are living with Sally’s mother in Effingham and next door to Thomas’s parents. Thomas is working as a gardener and Sally as a laundress, they have four children. Thomas is still gardening and they have three children living with them in 1891. The 1901 census records them at Gunley Hill, Effingham with their son Richard. In 1911 they are living at Church Street, Effingham. Thomas is a domestic gardener they have been married for 39 years and have had 5 children. Edward was a gardener and lived in Ealing, London, He married Elizabeth DEWY in Ealing in 1903, they had no children. Louisa married Richard James RAPLEY in 1900 and they went to live first in Ash, Surrey and then Guildford, They had 9 children. William appears on the 1881 and 1891 census with his parents then I can find no more definite information for him. Ellen also appears on the 1881 and 1891 census with her parents and then in 1901 she is recorded as a domestic cook working for George HERBERT at Wandle House, Denmark Road Carshalton, Surrey but there is no more definite information for her either. Richard A. is recorded on the 1881 and 1891 census with his parents and in 1911 at 24 Petshanger Lane Ealing with his sister and brother in law and working as a domestic gardener. He died in 1964 in Ewhurst, Surrey.

Louisa was baptised on 16 February 1851 in Effingham and appears on the census of that year with her parents and again in 1861. In 1864, aged 16 years Louisa is buried in Effingham on 3 September just four days after her sister Anne.

George Creasy and Harriet Balls        Top of the page

George was the son of George and Hannah CREASY. He was baptised at Effingham on 4 June 1843. In 1851 he is living in a house in The Street, Effingham with his parents and siblings. In 1861 he is a cowman recorded as a servant to John KILLICK at Westmoor Farm, Effingham. In 1871 he is still single and working as a coachman in Bromley Kent. His address is given as a room over the stable probably at Westview. He returned to Effingham and married Harriet BALLS there on 30 January 1878. Harriet was the daughter of Samuel BALLS and Mary Ann HORTH, she was born at Caister, Norfolk on 31 March 1849. (see BALLS Family History). George and Harriet had eight children: George (1878-1934), Melinda (1880-1940), Louisa (1882-1882), William (1882-1848), Annie (1886-1921), Frederick (1888-1888), Edward (1888-1888) and Edwin (1890-1977). In 1881 George is living at Raglan Road Reigate with Harriet and two children George S. and Melinda, he is still working as a coachman. In 1891 George and Harriet have moved to Worcester Cottages, George is now working as a gardener and they have five children living with them : George S, Melinda, William, Ann L and Edwin George died on 12 February 1893 at Reigate, Surrey,  as the result of an accident on the railway line while the balance of his mind was disturbed. He was found early one morning dead at the side of the railway line by the bridge close to the road where they lived. An inquest was held into his death at a local pub and afterwards the jurors held a collection of money to help support Harriet and her family. Harriet continued to live at Worcester cottages after George’s death working as a charwoman to provide for herself and her children. Harriet died on 11 October and was buried on 15th October 1921 at Reigate in Surrey.

Children of George CREASY and Harriet BALLS        Top of the page

George Samuel 1878 see George CREASY and Mary LUFF

Melinda was born on 6 March 1880 in Reigate and baptised there on 2 May 1880. She worked as a domestic servant toGertrude BUTLER of Springfields, London Road, Reigate before marrying James Frederick WOOD in 1913. James and Melinda had two daughters Beatrice Linda born 4 January 1914 and baptised at Pimlico on 1 March that year. Her sister Ethel, known as Babs, was born on 26 March 1915 and baptised at Pimlico on the 30 May that year. James was called up for War Service as a rifleman in the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade. He served in France and died there on 22 April 1918, probably during the Battle of Lys. He is buried at La Vertannoy British Cemetery, Hinges, plot A16. Melinda was living at 43 Nutley Lane Reigate at this time. Melinda and Beattie suffered further heartache in 1921 when Ethel was admitted to the isolation hospital at Horley suffering from diphtheria.  She died there and was buried at Reigate on 5th February 1921. Melinda and Beattie are living at 99 Holmesdale Road in 1939, Beattie is working as a ladies hairdresser and for the WVS. Melinda died in 1940 and some time after that Beattie decided to take up a career in nursing, She passed her examinations in 1947, her address at the time was Tollgate Avenue. Beattie retired to Eastbourne where Ada Creasy, widow of Reginald George was living as they were great friends and companions. Beattie died in Eastbourne in 2005.

Louisa was born on 3 Jan 1882 in Reigate and died there on 11 Jan 1882. From a newspaper report at the time it would appear that she died as a result of accidental suffocation. An inquest that week was held on a child of George Creasy.

William was born on 31 December 1882 and baptised at Reigate on 4 March 1883. In 1891 he is a scholar living with his parents and siblings at 5 Worcester Cottages, Reigate. William joined the Royal Navy in April 1900 as a stoker. He completed his 12 years service in 1912 leaving as a Petty Officer stoker. He served on quite a number of ships/shore establishments: Pembroke II, Wye, Illustrious, Fisgard, Sapphire II, Pembroke I, Leander, Tenedos, Vindictive, Sappho, Brilliant, Ganges and Cyclops. In Reigate on 8 Novenber 1913 he married Minnie ROLPH, they had no children. In 1939 they are living at 14 North Albert Road and William is working as a gardener. A lady named as Florence ROLFE is living with them, probably Minnie's sister. William died 23 July 1944 leaving Minnie his effects of £466 19s 2d. Minnie died at Reigate in 1966 she left her estate of £3525 to Frederick Charles ROLFE a retired greengrocer.

Annie Louisa was born in Reigate in 1886. She never married and is working as a general domestic servant living with her widowed mother at 17 Worcester Road in 1911. She died at 43 Nutley Lane and was buried in Reigate on 12 December 1921.

Frederick and Edward were twins born in November 1888 and died soon after birth

Edwin John (John Edwin) was born in Reigate on 6 March 1890. He joined the Army serving with the Lancashire Fusiliers and is recorded as a Private at their barracks in Bury in 1911. His WWI record shows that he then served with the Labour Corps. He married Mary (Mollie) LEAHY at Sculcoates in Yorkshire in 1915. They had three children Margaret Mary (Peggy) born 1917, John Brian born 1924 and Beatrice Linda born 1927. In 1939 John and Mollie are living at 114 Hazel Avenue, Bury, Lancashire. John is working as a hotel porter, living with them are their three children Mary M has her named changed later to Carroll, she is working as a slipper worker in 1939. Mollie died in 1961 and John in 1977 in Bury. Their daughter Margaret (Peggy) married Edward CARROLL in 1941 in Bury and they had two children Patricia and Paul before emigrating to Australia where they had three more children; Kevin, David and Michael. They departed from Liverpool aboard the M V Dorsetshire on 24 May 1951. Their address was given as 11 St Thomas Street, Haliwell, Bolton, Lancashire. Edward has been working as a process worker. They were later joined in Australia by Mollies sister Beatrice Linda. John Brian married Marjorie Woodward and they had one child Graham born in 1950.

George Samuel CREASY and Mary LUFF        Top of the page

George Samuel was the son of George and Harriet, he was born on 6 May and baptised on 19 June 1878 at Great Bookham in Surrey. He married Mary Caroline LUFF in Reigate in 1900. In 1911 they are living at 14 Reigate Heath and George is working as a jobbing gardener. They have had been married for 10 years and have had four children: Edward, born in 1901 died the same year, Reginald George was born in 1902. He married Ada Louisa IZARD in Reigate in 1930, his occupation is given as a pastry cook. They began their married life living with Ada’s mother at 12 West Street but by 1939 had moved to 13 Holmesdale Road and Reg is working as a confectioner, cake maker and Ada is a manageress in a baker’s shop. Reg and Ada later moved to 50 Channel View Road, Eastbourne. They had no children. Reg died in 1956 and left estate of £540 15s 6d to Ada. Ada continued to live at 50 Channel View Raod and died there in 1985. Margery Mary was born in 1905, she never married and died fairly tragically in 1976. Winifred was the youngest child of George Samuel and Mary Creasy. She was born on 11 July 1907 and baptised at Reigate on 8 September that year. The family are recorded as living at Farfield at the time. In 1911 Winifred and her family are living at 14 Heath Road Reigate. In 1933 she married James Gordon CAMPBELL (Leslie Gordon HOPKINS) at Reigate and they began married life living at 14 East Road Reigate with Winifred's mother and sister. They later moved to 34 Holmesdale Road. They had 5 children. Winifred died on 7 March 1960 at Reigate. George died on 10 May 1934 at Reigate and Mary died in 1951 at Reigate.

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