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Alice KEEN was born in 1864 in West End, Herne, Kent. She married William Henry HOPKINS in 1885 in Ospringe, Kent. Alice died on the 7th November 1885 at Ospringe, Nr Faversham, Kent

The KEEN line of ancestry goes back to William KEEN baptised on 25 March 1629 possibly in Chislet, Kent. I haven't yet found proof positive for all of the line and along the way various spellings have been used for the name KEEN He married Margaret WHITE and there is mention of two sons Thomas and John (1660-1728).

John married Katharin RATCLIFF at Chislet on 27 October 1689 and had a son William who married Martha KENDALL at Thanington, Kent on 14 January 1732. William and Martha had a son John (1738) and three daughters Elizabeth (1733-1735) Mary (1735)and Margaret (1743) Martha was buried at Sturry on 17 December 1778. Their daughter Margaret married Stephen HOLMAN at Hoath, Kent on 4 October 1770. Prior to this she had a son Zaccariah baptised at Sturry 27 October 1765. Mary married Jesse HALL at Sturry 1 April 1759. John married Elizabeth CAREY at Herne on 22 August 1761. They had 10 children all baptised in Sturry or Herne. Their son William baptised at Herne on 21 April 1765 married Mary HOOKER at Molash, Kent on 12 May 1787. They had 9 children including Edward, all baptised at Herne.

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Edward was born on 26 April 1807 at Herne, Kent. He was the son of William KEEN and Mary. On 25 August 1827, at Herne, Edward married Sarah STONE. She was the daughter of John Stone and Sarah COOMBS and was born on 22 July 1808 at Herne and baptised there on 18 September that year. Edward and Sarah had 11 children: William 1829, Emma 1831, Edward 1833, Jesse 1835, Henry 1837, John 1839, Wonley George 1841, Sidney 1843, Louis 1846, Alfred 1849 and Mary Anne 1854. In 1841 Edward and Sarah live at Herne Common with seven children, Edward is working as a woodman. In 1871 they are living at Blean Gate. Edward's occupation is thatcher but it states that he is out of employment. They have 7 children living with them. In 1881 Edward and Sarah are living at Bragg's Lane and Edward is working as a woodsman. Shortly before his death Edward and Sarah are residing at the Workhouse in Herne. Edward was buried on 2 December 1891 in the cemetey at Herne, Plot C155. Sarah was buried at Blean on 23 February 1894.

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Edward and Sarah's eldest son William was also a woodsman and wood cutter and lived for many years at Bragg's Lane along with his wife Emma and their children. Their third son Henry John followed the same occupation. On 17 October 1881 at Chislet, Henry married Esther HOLNESS. The marriage was short-lived lasting about eighteen months. In 1882 Henry John was accused of assaulting his wife because of her improper conduct with a chap called RIGDEN. The case was dismissed and nothing more has been discovered about Esther. Henry appears on the 1891 census with his parents in Braggs Lane but sometime thereafter began a relationship with Annie TAYLOR from Swalecliffe. In 1901 they emigrated to Canada, Annie travelling as Mrs Keen. I suspect that Henry was unable to gain a divorce from Esther either due to cost or not knowing Esther's whereabout so he was unable to legally marry Annie Henry and Annie eventually settled in British Columbia and raised a family there.

Edward and Sarah's eighth child Sidney married Emily Jane BARTON at Blean in 1865 and they had five children: Alfred 1866, Maria 1869, Louisa 1875, Sidney Harold 1877 and Bertie Arthur 1882. Alfred went on to marry Susannah SEATH at Blean in 1884 and they had 10 children. Percy George KEEN, their fourth child and fourth son was born in 1889 at the family home in Chislett, he was baptised at Herne on 1 December 1889. The 1891 census locates the house at Hatch and Chitty and next to Reynolds In 1901 Percy is living with his family at Broomfield. In 1909 he joins the Royal Navy as a stoker 2nd Class at Chatham and serves on HMS Acheron, HMS Cressy and HMS Implacable in the Channel and Mediterranean. While on Implacable, in 1910 he is raised to Stoker 1st Class. He is still on Implacable when WWI begins and remains with the ship until until 18th April 1916 becoming first an Acting Leading Stoker then a Leading Stoker. On 19th April 1916 he joins Pembroke II for a week or so, probably to do a "Killicks Course" and then he is drafted to Vivid II (Bulldog) and Blenheim (Bulldog)joining on 27 October 1916, these were depot type ships serving English Channel. and then back to Pembroke in October 1917. Here Percy was on Dockyard service when he was assigned to HM Tug Desire to tow two lighters to Scotland. On the 24 January 1918 the tug was torpedoed by a German U-Boat along with the two lighters off the coast of Yorkshire. All three vessels sank with a loss of 16 lives, 10 men from Desire and 6 men from one of the lighters. Percy's body was never recovered. He is Commemorated on the Naval Memorial at Chatham. CWGC Certificate.

Sidney Thomas was the 8th child of Alfred and Susannah KEEN. He was baptised at Reculver on 28 February 1898. In 1901 he is living with his parents at Broomfield and working as a general labourer by 1911 and living with his parents at 2 Golf Cottages Eddington. Sidney was called up for War Service and joined the 5th Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment 4th Reserves on 9 October 1916. In 1917 was posted to India embarking ship at Devonport on Christmas day 1916 and arriving in Bombay on 8 March 1917, he saw service at several stations in India including Quetta on the Pakistan/Afghan border where he served as a nursing orderly. In December 1919 he left Karachi onboard the Braemar Castle for home and was discharged to the Reserves on 6 February 1920. He comes home to live with his parents and worked as a painter for A.S.S. Ayre in Eddington. Things fell apart for Sidney about 1923, He became friendly with a local girl Eva Maria HUGHES and when she ended relationship in August 1923 he still persued her and seems to have developed a fixation, so much so that in October 1923 Eva had a solicitor's letter sent to him. Sidney became ill about this time with what appears to be something very wrong with his stomach or digestive system. He had seen the doctor in February 1924 but it appears nothing had been done that had helped him and his condition got worse to the point that he was not eating and surviving on milk. Sidney had also moved out from his parent's house and was lodging at Grenville House, Eddington but continued to work as a painter for Aubrey Ayres although it is believed that by 1925 he had had to have time off work because of his sickness. Things came to a head on the morning of Sunday May 17 1925 when Sidney attacked Eva at her place of work in Herne Bay. Eva was wounded and taken to hospital and later Sidney was arrested for attempted murder. An Occassional Court was held at Herne Bay and Sidney was committed for trial at the next Assizes at Maidstone. He was being escorted to Maidstone Jail on 22 May 1925 when he broke free from the Police escort at Herne Bay Station and threw himself under a train. He was severely injured and taken to hospital where he later died from his wounds.

Henry and John KEEN were the fifth and sixth children respectively of Edward and Sarah. Henry married Sarah Ann HUDSON at the Parish Church in Chislet on 6 July 1862. The witnesses to that marriage were John KEEN, Henry's brother, and Susannah HUDSON Sarah Anne's sister. Later that same year on 30 August John married Susannah at the Parish Church in Chislet. Before they married both brothers were mariners.

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Henry was baptised at Chislet, Kent on 9 July 1873. Sarah Ann was born 11 October 1841 at Swalecliffe and was baptised there on 26 October. Henry and Sarah Ann were married at Chislet on 6 July 1852. When they married Henry was working as a labourer and Sarah as a servant. They had 9 children Henry 1862, Alice 1864, Francis (Frank) 1866, Sarah 1868, Fred 1876, Edward 1878. Jane 1881, Clara Ellen 1883 and Albert (Bertie) Henry 1886. In 1841 Henry is living with his parents, 5 brothers and a sister at Herne Common, he is 4 years old, his father is a woodcutter. In 1851 the family are living at Blean Gate, Chislet and Henry is recorded as a thatcher out of employment as is his father and brother Jesse. In 1861 Henry is an Ordinary Seaman in the Royal Navy serving on HMS Cressy in the Mediterranean. In 1871 he is living with Sarah at West End, Canterbury Road, Herne, near to Bullockstone Farm. He is working as a labourer on the railway and they have four children living with them. Henry and Sarah then move to Union Road Faversham where they are recorded on 1881 census. Henry is a general labourer and they have six children living with them. They are living at Kennaways Road, Faversham in 1891, Henry is still working as a a general labourer and they have five children with them. In 1891 Henry and Sarah are living in Ospringe Street, Faversham. Henry, general labourer, and Sarah have two children still living with them. In 1911 Henry and Sarah are living on their own at The Square, Ospringe. Henry is recorded as an old age pensioner. They have been married for 49 years and had 10 children, 6 still living. Henry died on 11 December 1926 at Faversham. Sarah died there in 1930.

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Henry was born on 25 October 1862 in Herne, Kent. He was baptised at Herne on the 16 November that year.In 1871 he is living with his parents at West End, Canterbury Road Herne, near Bullocks Farm. In 1881 he is working as a general labourer and still living with his parents at Union Road, Faversham. Henry died in 1890.

Alice was born on 18th July 1864 at Westend, Herne, Kent, her father was working as a woodman at the time. Alice is recorded living there with her parents and family in 1871. In 1881 she is working at a house in Preston Street Faversham as a house maid to Sarah Abbott. Alice married William Henry HOPKINS (see HOPKINS Family Page) at Ospringe on 7 November 1885. In 1891 William is working as a gravel pit labourer and they are living at Painter's Forstall. They have moved to Faversham by 1901 and living at 6 Lindfield Street, William is now a foreman at the gravel pit. Another move by 1911, to 7 Ospringe Square Faversham. William is a general pit foreman and they have been married for 26 years and had eight children, five still living. Henry, Edward and Leslie are living with them. William died in 1939 and on the census later that year Alice is living alone at Mill House. Alice died in 1949.

Francis "Frank" was baptised at Herne on 9 September 1866, he was born one month earlier on 12 August. In 1871 he is living at West End, Canterbury Road, Herne with his parents. In 1881 he is working as a stone breaker and living with his parents at Union Road, Faversham. The family are living at Kennaways Road, Faversham in 1891 and Frank is a general labourer. Shortly after this he emigrated to USA arriving in New York 26 September 1891 sailing from Liverpool on the ship Britannic. Frank made his way to Salt Lake City, Utah and there on the 22 June 1896 he married Nellie ISETT. Frank declared his intention to become a US citizen on 31 May 1898 at Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1900 he is living at Salt Lake City and he and Nellie have three children; Frank, Ethel and Ruby his occupation is given as scavenger. In 1910 he and Nellie have another child, called Nellie. Living close to them in Salt Lake City is his bother Bertie and his family. Frank and Nellie are living at Sage Precinct in 1920 with their daughter Nellie. Frank is a farmer - stock raiser. Living close by is their son Fred with his wife Helen. Frank is found living alone with no occupation in Lincoln, Wyoming in the 1930 census but is back farming in Salt Lake City in 1940. He is a widower aged 73 and living alone. Frank died on 15 March 1974 in Salt Lake City. He left many descendants most of whom remained in and around Salt Lake City although some became ranchers in Lincoln, Wyoming.

Sarah was baptised at Herne on 18 October 1868. In 1871 she is living at West End Canterbury Road Herne with her parents. The family have moved to Union Street Faversham by 1881. In 1901 Sarah is working as a general servant at a Nursing Home for "cripples" in Margate. At Ramsgate on 27 February 1897 she married Walter Epps GODDEN a carman for a brewery and in 1901 they are living at Byron Street, Margate with their young daughter Barbara Grace born in 1900 at Faversham. Barbara died aged 5 years in 1906 and the 1911 census states that Sarah and Walter had had 2 children both now dead. Sarah and Walter had then been married for 14 years and are living at 8 Cecil Square, Margate . Walter died in 1935 and in the 1939 Register Sarah is recorded as a widow, working as an apartment housekeer. Living with her at 82 Grosvenor Place is a chap named Alfred J Gilham. Alice died on 13 July 1953. Probate was granted to Albert Victor Keen (prison officer) Effects of £1638.16s 5d

Fred was born on 30 August 1876 at Ospringe, Kent. He was baptised at Ospringe on 8 October 1876. In 1881 he is living with his parents at Union Road, Faversham. They have moved to Kennaways Road by 1891 and to Ospringe Street in 1901. Fred is still living with his parents but now working as a general labourer. Fred married Sarah Rebecca HOLSTOCK in 1902. In 1911 Fred and Sarah are living with four children at 25 Priory Street North Preston, Faversham. They have been married for 9 years. Fred is working as a gas stoker. Fred and Sarah had 7 children Dorothy Ellen 1903-1977, Ivy Winifred 1904-1974, Frederick John 1907- 1967, Albert Victor 1909-1990, George Henry 1912- 1950, Frank 1915-1915 and Doris Violet 1916-1981.

Edward was born on 6 August 1878 at Ospringe and baptised there on 11 September 1878. In 1881 he is living with his family at Union Road, Faversham. In 1891 he is with his parents at Kennaways, Faversham. On 20 April 1895 he attested for The Royal Artillery at Woolwich aged 18 years and one month. His occupation at the time was a labourer. In 1897 he is posted to India as a gunner stationed in India where he died at Ferozepore on 31 December 1898.

Jane was born on the 8 January and baptised at Ospringe on 16 February 1881. She appears on the census that year aged 3 months with her family living at Union Road Faversham and at Kennaways in 1891. She may have married at Blean in 1904.

Clara Ellen was born at Ospringe at baptised there on the 6 February 1883 she died a baby and was buried at Ospringe on 7 March 1883.

Albert "Bertie" Henry was born at Ospringe, Kent on 2 October 1886 and baptised there on the 1 November 1886. In 1891 and 1901 he is living with his parents and family in Ospringe. In 1903 he followed in his brother Frank's footsteps and emigrated to USA arriving at New York on the SS Oceanic. He was 17 years old and single He paid for the ticket himself, was in possession of £5 and able to read and write. His destination was 821 North West 3rd Street, Salt Lake City, Utah to stay with his cousin William ARMITAGE. On 25 June 1909 he married Annie BETTEY in Salt Lake City. Annie had been married before and had children from that marriage but they went on to have 7 children of their own: Laura, Edward, Florence, May, Albert, James and Alice. Annie died in 1920 and Albert then married Eva May CADDY (HOLTMAN) on 28 December 1922 in Salt Lake City. Eva, too had been married previously and had children with her first husband. Bertie and Eva had four children together Jean, Jessie, Joan and Joyce before divorcing and both going on to marry for a third time. Bertie next married Alta (Florida) GEBHART on 12 April 1944 in Salt Lake City. Albert died on 15 November and was buried in Salt Lake City on 18 November 1954.

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