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Sarah Anne HUDSON was born 11th October 1841 at Swalecliffe, Kent. She was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah HUDSON (nee TAYLOR). Sarah married Henry KEEN on 5th July 1862 in Chislet, Kent.

Richard Hudson and Mary Castle          Top of the page

The HUDSON line of ancestry goes back to Richard HUDSON born c 1731 probably around Swalecliffe, Kent. Richard married Mary CASTLE on 17th September 1753 in Whitstable,Kent. Mary was the daughter of John and Elizabeth CASTLE and had been baptised at Blean 9 January 1731. Richard and Mary had five children together before Mary died: Thomas 1753, Elizabeth 1755, Richard 1756, John 1759 and William 1761 . Mary was buried at Whitstable on 5 January 1762. Richard then married Elizabeth SEATH on 7th June 1762 at Swalecliffe. Richard and Elizabeth had nine children: Seath 1763, Sarah 1765, James 1767, Mary 1771, Ann 1773, Henry 1774, William 1777, William 1779 and Daniel 1783. Richard was buried at Swalecliffe 6 May 1784 and Elizabeth was also buried there on 6 September 1799.

Thomas Hudson and Ann Dadd          Top of the page

The Campbell line of descent is through Thomas HUDSON born 1753 at Swalecliffe, son of Richard and Mary. Thomas was baptised at Swalecliffe on 17 November 1753 and married Ann DADD there on 13 December 1777. Ann was baptised at Herne on 28 March 1758. Thomas and Ann had eleven children: Mary 1778, Ann 1780, Elizabeth 1781, Richard 1784, John 1785, Martha 1790, Amy 1792, Frances 1795, Jane 1795 and Frances 1799. Thomas died in 1799 and was buried at Swalecliffe on 22 March that year. I do not know when Ann died.

John Hudson and Mary Bennett          Top of the page

John Hudson was the fifth child and second son of Thomas and Ann Hudson and was baptised at Swalecliffe on Christmas Day 1785. John married Mary BENNETT at Swalecliffe on 2 November 1811. Mary was the daughter of Richard BENNETT and Elizabeth HAWKES, she was baptised at Canterbury 11 November 1792. John and Mary had eleven children: Mary 1813, Thomas 1815, Sophia 1817, Charlotte 1818, Susanne 1819, John 1822, Lavinia 1825, Richard 1827, William 1830, William 1831 and Richard William 1832. John and Mary are recorded on the 1841 census living at Swalecliffe, near or next door to The Wheatsheaf Public House. John is working as a Parish labourer and their son William is living with them and working as a farm labourer. I have no death or burial dates for either John or Mary.

Thomas Hudson and Sarah Ann Taylor          Top of the page

Thomas was the eldest son and second child of John and Mary HUDSON . He was baptised at Swalecliffe on 5 February 1815. Thomas married Sarah Anne TAYLOR on 23 April 1836 at Swalecliffe. Sarah Anne was the daughter of James and Mary TAYLOR and was born on 3 May 1812 at Minster in Thanet, Kent and baptised the same day. There is a Thomas Hudson recorded at West End, Herne aged 26 a general agricultural labourer in 1941. Living with him is a male child, aged 4 named George, I have no record of a son called George and there is no record of wife Sarah Ann or children Susannah, 1837 and Thomas 1839. In 1851 the family are living at Westbrook, Thomas is aged 36 and an agricultural labourer and they now have 6 children, Susannah and Thomas being joined by Sarah Anne 1841, Archless 1843, James 1846 and Mary 1849. By 1861 they have three more children: John 1851, Jane 1852 and Sarah 1854. Thomas, Sarah and Archless are no longer living with their parents. In 1871 at Westbrook Thomas is still working as an agricultural labourer and now he and Sarah have just the two children living with them: John aged 19 and working as an agricultural labourer and Mary Jane recorded as a daughter aged 9. In 1881 Thomas and Sarah are still living at Westbrook but are now on their own. Thomas and Sarah both died in 1891. Sarah's death is recorded in the June Quarter for that year at Blean and Thomas in the December Quarter at Blean. In 1891 census Thomas is living with his daughter Susannah and her husband John KEEN. Thomas is recorded as a boarder, widower aged 75 ag lab. I haven't found a burial record for either Thomas and Sarah. The Thomas Hudson buried at Herne Bay Cemetery in January 1891 is not this Thomas as he is still alive when the census was completed in April 1891.

Sarah Ann Hudson 1841 - 1930          Top of the page

Sarah Ann was third child and second daughter of Thomas and Sarah Ann Hudson. She was born on 11 October 1841 at Swaleclife and baptised there a few weeks later on the 26 October. The GRO Index records her as an unnamed female child born to a father named HUDSON and a mother named TAYLOR in the December Quarter of 1841 Volume 5 Page 20. In 1851 she is living at Westbrook, Herne Bay with her parents. By 1861 she has left home to work as a cook for William and Jane GARDENER at Bekesbourne Farm, Kent. Her name is recorded as Ann. On 6 July 1862 Sarah Ann married Henry KEEN at the Parish Church in Chislet. The witnesses to the marriage were John KEEN and Susannah HUDSON. John Keen was Henry's brother and Susannah Hudson was Sarah Ann's sister and they were to join in marriage later that year at Chislet on 30 August. Henry and Sarah Anne had nine children: Henry 1862, Alice 1864, Francis 1866, Sarah 1868, Fred 1876, Edward 1878, Jane 1881, Clara Ellen 1883 and Albert (Bertie) 1886. (See Keen Family History)

More Hudsons          Top of the page

Archless HUDSON 1843-1885 was the son of Thomas HUDSON and Sarah Anne TAYLOR, he was baptised at Swalecliffe on 12 December 1843. In 1851 he is living at Westbrook, Herne Bay with his parents but by 1861 he has joined the Merchant Navy and is an apprentice aboard the vessel "Eliza Mann". Archless married Ellen CARDEN at Whitstable on 23 September 1872. Ellen's father is recorded as Thomas CARDEN also a mariner. Witnesses to the marriage were George WELLAND and Mary HUDSON. Archless and Ellen have four children before the next census in 1881: Alice 1873, Ellen Jane 1876, John Thomas 1877 and Edith Jane 1880. Archless is at sea again at the time of the 1881 census. He is now a Master Mariner on board the Vessel "John F. Edwin" which is in a Kent port, he has a crew of four mariners: an able-bodied seaman and three aprentices. Ellen's name had been entered as being on board but is then crossed through. She is recorded at 45 Harbour Street Whitstable with Charity CARDEN head of household widow aged 70. With Ellen are her four children, recorded as Charity's grandchildren, and her brother John. In the next 4 years Archless and Ellen had three more children: Emily 1881, Hilda 1883 and Malvina 1884. On 18 September 1885 Archless was Master of the vessel "Emily" in dock at Shields (South Sheilds) Harbour. Archless had been ashore and was making his way back to his ship when he fell off the gangplank and was drowned. His death was reported in The Whitstable Times & Herne Bay Herald and also in The Newcastle Courant.

John Thomas HUDSON1877- 1917 was the son of Archless HUDSON and Ellen CARDEN and was born at Whitstable 21 November 1877. In 1881 John is living at 45 Harbour Street, Whitstable with his mother and Grandmother Charity CARDEN, his father was probably away at sea. In the 1891 census John is recorded at the District Merchant Seaman's Orphan Asylum at Wanstead, Essex, his father having died in 1885. He is back in Whitstable in 1901 Living with his widowed mother at 3 Harbour Street where she has a tobacconist shop. John is working as a bricklayer. A year later John married Emeline FORD at Blean. In 1910 John's mother dies and John continues to live at 3 Harbour Street with his wife Emeline. the census records that they have been married for 8 years and had one child who is no longer living. With them at 3 Harbour Street is a niece, Elizabeth GARNIER aged 9 born Whitstable. In WWI John enlists in the 8th Battallion East Surrey Regiment and is sent with his Regiment to France. John Thomas died on 3 May 1917 during the Battle of Arras. CWGC Certificate

Dying alongside John Thomas Hudson that fateful day, and also commemorated on The Arras Memorial was Archluss HUDSON. (Archless)was the son of John HUDSON and Harriet PORT. He was born in 1885 at Whitstable, Kent. In 1891 Archluss(Archless) is living with his parents at Church Street, Whitstable. In 1899 his mother Harriet died and in 1901 Archless is living with his widowed father in Church Street Whitstable and working as a bricklayer. In 1909 he married Elizabeth Evaline BIRD on 31 July at Richmond Surrey and they set up home at 9 Springfield Road Teddington where Archluss continued to work as a bricklayer. Archluss, like John, also enlisted with the 8th Battalion East Surrey Regiment during WWI. He was posted to serve in France in the Western European Theatre and was killed in action on 3 May 1917. CWGC Certificate.

Archluss Hudson and John Thomas Hudson (cousins) Commemorated on the Arras Memorial and Whitstable War Memorial

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