Mutimer Family Page

Matilda MUTIMER was born in 1816 in Hingham. She was the daughter of Stephen MUTIMER and Mary POND. She married Robert PETCH in Swaffham.

Stephen MUTIMER born c1796 probably in Norfolk or Suffolk although it is thought that he may have lived in London for a time.

Mary HAYTHORP would have been born c1795 in or near the parish of Hingham, Norfolk.  Mary married first Thomas POND and they had 4 children.

Mary next married Stephen MUTIMER on 22nd November 1813 in Hingham.

Stephen and Mary had five children.  Provedence, Jessy and Reuben all died in infancy.  Matilda married Robert PETCH. (See Petch Family History Page)

Hariett married James CODMAN. One of their daughters, Matilda, went on to marry James Henry PETCH the son of Matilda and Robert PETCH. (See Petch Family History Page)

Nothing else is known about the Haythorp family.

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