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Sarah COVEY was born c1784 probably in or near Wisborough Green, Sussex. She was the daughter of James COVEY.

Sarah had two illegitimate children, Charlotte COVEY (1809) and Frances Beer COVEY (1813) both born in Wisborough Green, Sussex. The father of Charlotte is named as Edward JENNER. The father of Frances Beer is named as Francis BEERE.

Francis BEERE was born c1790 probably in or around Petworth, Sussex.

Francis was the father of Frances (Fanny) Beer COVY born illegitimately to Sarah COVEY at Wiseborough Green, Sussex on 6th December 1813. Francis is named as the father of this child on two Bastardy Bonds issued by Wiseborough Green Parish one in 1814 and the second in 1818.

Francis married another woman and had further family.


Sarah went on to marry James KITCHENER from Alford, Surrey and had several more legitimate children with him. Sarah's Marriage Record

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