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Margaret BEEKEN was born on 4/11/1898 at Crowland, Lincolnshire, she was the eldest child of John BEEKEN and Isabella STEELS. Margaret married James Willie JARMAN in 1920, they had six children.

Various spelling of BEEKEN include BEACON, BACON, Beacham, BEEKON.

The BEEKEN Family Tree goes back to William BEEKEN who was born about 1650 probably in Crowland, Lincolnshire. (Descent Chart) William married first, Bridget who bore him a son William (1677). William then married Ann and they had children John and Ann. Nothing more is known about either Bridget or Ann but William's burial is recorded at Crowland on 22 April 1687. His son William was baptised there on 22 July 1677 and married Elizabeth LOUTHin the village on 1 October 1703. Two of their children died ininfancy: Ann (1710-1712) and John (1712-1713) Another son John was baptised at Crowland on 28 February 1714 and went on to marry Bridget HOLTHAM on 10 April 1735. John and Bridget had at least 11 children born and baptised at Crowland and thus descends one branch of the Beeken tree. John married Rebecca FORTH at Crowland.

John Beeken & Rebecca Forth          Top of the page

John the son of William Beeken and his wife Ann was baptised at Crowland on 11 March 1685. John married Rebecca FORTH at Crowland on 11 May 1712. Rebecca was the daughter of William FORTH and his wife Izabell. Rebecca was baptised at Crowland on 24 March 1688.John and Rebecca had seven children Baptised at Crowland: John (1713-1713), George (1714-1714), John (1715-1753), Susanne (1717-) Samuel (1720) Rebecca (1722-)and Sarah (1723-). Rebecca was buried at Crowland on 11 November 1753 and John on 30 March 1762 he is described as a pauper.

John Beeken & Susanne Allen          Top of the page

John Beeken born in Crowland about 1715, the son of John and Rebecca Beeken, he married Susanne ALLEN at Crowland on 24 August 1739. John and Susanne had 6 children baptised at Crowland: Sarah (1740-1741), Sarah (1741-), John (1745-), Thomas (1748-), James (1750-1750) and Susanne ((1751-)John was buried at Crowland on 10 October 1753 his occupation given as grocer. Susanne was buried there on 15 February 1767

John Beeken & Mary Jenkinson          Top of the page

John baptised 26 December 1743 was the son of John and Susanne BEEKEN. He married Mary JENKINSON at Crowland on 21 March 1767. Mary was the daughter of Willam and Elizabeth Jenkinson and had been baptised at Crowland on 27 January 1746 by Marriage Licence. John and Mary are known to have had thirteen children born to them, not all survived infancy: John Jenkinson (1767-), William (1768-), Thomas (1769-1769), Mary (1772-), Mark (1773-1773), Mary (1774-), Susannah (1775-1775), Francis (1777-1785), Mark (1778-), Mark Jenkerson (1779-), George (1780-1780)and Joseph (1792-). John died 2 August 1795 and is buried at Crowland Abbey. Mary was buried on 13 April 1806.

Thomas Beeken & Ann Boyer          Top of the page

Thomas was baptised at Crowland on 2.11.1770. He was the son of John BEEKEN and Mary JENKINSON. Thomas married Ann BOYER by Banns at Crowland on 13 October 1794. Thomas and Ann had 10 children: John (1795-), William (1797-1871), Thomas (1799-), Mary (1800-) Sarah (1802-1802), Mark (1803-1803), Sarah (1804-1883), Margaret (1806-1875), Ann (1807-1878) and Zellah (1810-1859). Thomas was buried at Crowland on 28 December 1814 and Ann on 6 September 1824.

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Margaret was the eighth child and fourth daughter of Thomas BEEKEN and Ann BOYER, she was baptised at Crowland on 24.2.1806. Margaret never married but she had 5 base born children the elder two did not survive infancy and youngest 3 were recorded as JACKSON. William Jackson BEEKEN was baptised at Crowland on 25/8/1835. His brother, Thomas Jackson BEEKEN was baptised at Crowland on 26/5/1838 and their sister, Ann Jackson BEEKEN was baptised at Crowland on 22/2/1840. Margaret appears on the 1841 census living at North Street Crowland with her 3 children and working as a laundress. On the 1851 census, she is living in Church street, Crowland, she is aged 43 and still working as a laundress and still has her 3 children living with her. In 1861 she is recorded as 57 years old and a widow of an agricultural labourer. She is still living at Church Street, Crowland along with her niece Susannah POOLER aged 11 children. Susannah is the daughter of Mary's sister Ann and her husband John POOLER. Margaret was buried at Crowland on 7 May 1875.

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Ann BEEKENwas baptised at Crowland on 7 June 1831 and buried there on 23 February 1833.

Susannah BEEKENwas baptised at Crowland on 7 June 1831 and buried there on 6 September 1833.

William Jackson BEEKEN was baptised at Crowland on 25 August 1835 the base born son of Margaret Beeken spinster. William appears on the 1841 and 1851 census records for Crowland living with his mother and brother Thomas and sister Ann. William joined the Army in 1876 and his service documents show that he perhaps had a chequered career! In the 1911 Census he is back in Crowland living at Church Lane as an Army Pensioner and boarding with Ann HALL widow aged 80. William died in 1920.

Thomas Jackson BEEKEN was baptised at Crowland on 26 May 1838, the base born son of Margaret Beeken spinster. Thomas appears on the 1841 and 1851 census records for Crowland living with his mother and brother William and sister Ann. In 1861 Thomas joined the Army. While stationed at Portsea, Hampshire he met Eleanor (Ellen) ANDREW.Thomas and Ellen married at Portsea on 29/6/1863. The marriage certificate states that he was a Private in the 20th Regiment stationed at Anglesea Barracks. Thomas and Ellen had eight children: Thomas (1863-), William (1864-), Annie Elizabeth (1866-), James (1867-1959), Arthur (1871-), John (1872-1954) Grace Ellen (1875-), Sarah (1876-) and George (1879-). They returned to Crowland about 1866 after the birth of their third child, Annie. Thomas was employed as a blacksmith and the family can be found on the 1871 census at Cartwright Gardens, 1881 census in East Street, 1891 census at Reform Street and 1901 census back at East Street. Thomas was buried at Crowland on 13 February 1909. Ellen died in 1912.

John Beeken and Isabella Steels          Top of the page

John BEEKEN was the fifth son of Thomas BEEKEN and Ellen ANDREW. He was born on 24 September 1872 at Crowland. There is no record of his baptism at Crowland. His elder siblings were baptised in Devon but none of the children born to Thomas and Ellen after their return to Crowland was baptised at the Abbey. John is, however, recorded on the 1881 and 1891 census with the rest of the family.

John married Isabella STEELS at Crowland on 7/7/1897. Isabella was the illegitimate daughter of Sarah STEELS. She was baptised on 14 January 1877 at Peterborough and in the 1881 census she is recorded as an inmate at Peterborough Union Workhouse along with her mother and three other STEEL children: Jane Elizabeth aged 12, Martha aged 7 and Fanny aged 11 months (Fanny is entered on the following page and her name then crossed out).

John and Isabella had seven children: Margaret (1898-1971), Dorothy (1900-1996), Harry (1901-1997), Lilly (1903-), Walter (1906-1981), Percy (1908-1978), Reggie (1909-1981) and Alfred (1912-1943). The family are recorded on the 1901 census (page 1 and page 2) and the 1911 census living in East street, Crowland. John is employed as an agricultural labourer. Their eldest child, Margaret is nor recorded with the family in 1911 but is living with an aunt and uncle (Fanny and Wisdom STETCHFIELD) at Kiton near Boston, Lincolnshire. Isabelle died in 1918 Leaving John to raise the family and in 1921 he is working for W F Beeken as a farm labourer and living at Thorney Road Crowland with Dorothy, Walter, Reggie and Arthur. Dorothy is looking after the household and the three boys attend school still. In 1939 John is living at Barbers drove with his daughter Dorothy and her husband Hubert WHALEY. John died in 1954.

Margaret Beeken and James Jarman          Top of the page

Margaret, eldest child of John and Isabella BEEKEN was born in Crowland on 4/11/1898 and baptised there on 4/12/1898. Margaret can be found on the living with the family on the 1901 census for Crowland but on the 1911 census she is living with her aunt and uncle, Fanny and Wisdom STETCHFIELD at Horseshoe Lane, Kirton, Boston. Margaret married James William JARMAN in 1920 and they had six children: George, Stanley, Freda, Harold, Joan and Irene. In 1921 Margaret and James are living at Shepeau Stow, Whaplode Drove and James is working as a cowman for Mr W LAWSON, farmer. Margaret is a young housewife and they have had their first child, George William born 9 months previously. Margaret's brother Percy BEEKEN is living with them and working as a farm labourer for J FLETCHER, farmer at Whaplode Drove. By 1939 they are living at Deeping High Bankwith all their children. James is a farm foreman and Margaret helps her husband with the farm work.

They were still living at Deeping High Bank when James died on 12 September 1964 at The Isolation Hospital in Bourne. Probate was granted to Margaret as his widow and his Effects were £903. Margaret moved back to Crowland and at the time of her death on 16 July 1971 she was living at 89 Albion Street, Crowland. Her Effects were £1420.

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