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Various spellings of the name in use throughout the records researched include: WEYMOND, WAYMOND, WYMOND, WEYMAN

My 8xGreat grandfather was probably John WEYMOND who would have been born circa 1625 in or around Lanhydrock, Cornwall.

His known family are his children: Littleton (1656), Edward (1658), Grace (1662), Richard (1665-1666) and Joan (1669).

Littleton WEYMOND, son of the John was born 27 March 1656 and baptised at Lanhydrock on 8 April 1656. It is known that Littleton married Elizabeth and they had three children: John (1679), Mary (1687) and Henry (1689-1764).

Henry was baptised at Maker on 20 February 1689 and married Mary probably about 1716. Their children are: Mary (1717), Littleton (1719-1790), Jaquette or Jackworth (1722-1793) and Mary (1724).

Littleton was baptised at Lanhydrock on 1 March 1719 and married Mary COSTIN at St Germans, Cornwall on 15 December 1742. Their children are: Mary WENMOUTH baptised 25 April 1743 at Menheniot, Littleton WENMOUTH baptised at Menheniot 6 February 1744, Elizabeth WENMOUTH baptised at Menheniot 10 March 1746, Elias WENMOUTH baptised Menheniot 25 January 1749, John WENMOUTH baptised Menheniot 27 March 1752, Elizabeth WYMOND baptised Menheniot 9 May 1756, Ann WENMOUTH baptised Menheniot 8 April 1759, Henry WYMOND baptised St Germans 13 May 1761 and Jane WEYMOUTH baptised Menheniot 8 November 1767.

Jacquett WEYMOND was my 5xGreat Grandmother. She was baptised at Lanhydrock on 5 June 1722 the daughter of Henry and Mary WEYMOND. At St Breock, Cornwall on 26 December 1742 she married James BRABYN. Her name is transcribed from the marriage record as JACKWORTH WEYMAN and James' as BRABIN. Jacquette and James had 5 known children: James baptised 15 January 1743 at St Breock, Henry baptised at St Breock 23 April 1747, Ann baptised at St Breock 13 January 1753, Ann Baptised at St Breock 17 January 1754 and Elizabeth baptised at St Breock on 11 February 1755. James Brabyn was buried at St Breock on 30 January 1775 and Jaccquette on 13 April 1793.

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