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Elizabeth PRICE was born in 1821 at Devonport, Devon. She was the daughter of James PRICE and Jane BRADLEY.

The Price Family

James Price was born in Bristol about 1782. A miner by trade, he joined the Royal Sappers and Miners in Hythe, Kent on 28th December 1813. He was over 30years old when he joined this newly formed This newly formed Corps which had taken on 700 volunteers in 1813. On his attestation record it states that James served 3 and 8/12 years in France, this was probably in the run up to and during the Waterloo campaign.

Although a Private throughout his military career James served in the Royal Sappers and Miners for nearly 33 years. The latter part of his service saw him employed in guarding the Ordanance Plantations at Chatham.

James married Jane Bradley on 24th July 1820 at Stoke Damarell, Devon, and their daughter, Elizabeth was born there in 1821. Shortly afterwards James was posted to Chatham and he and Jane lived at Upnor, near Frindsbury, Kent where a further eight children were born and baptised. On 24th July 1820 their daughter Elizabeth married Robert Deans (Denns), a soldier in the 21st  Regiment of Fusiliers. 

James Price was discharged from the Army at Woolwich on the 14th April 1846. The Amy Discharge board recommended him for a gratuity and medal in addition to a pension for his "long and faithful service." He was 64 years and 4 months old, 5' 5 1/2" tall, grey hair, hazel eyes, fresh complextion and had a scar between the forefinger and thumb on his left hand. Reason for discharge: Chronic Rheumatism.

After his discharge James took his wife and younger children to Cardiff and in 1851 they are to be found living at 33 Wharton Street with James employed as a gardener.  The reason for choosing Cardiff is that his eldest daughter, her husband and famiy are now living in Cardiff.

Elizabeth married Robert Deans about 1839, Robert was already serving in the 21st Fusiliers and was soon posted to India. Elizabeth went with him and at least 4 of their children were born in India. Robert was discharged from the Army on 30th July 1859 in Birr, Ireland. They had probably been posted there for a number of years as a daughter, Rebecca, was born on 2nd August 1856 in Birr.

On discharge from the Army Robert and Elizabeth moved to Cardiff, Wales as Robert found employment there as a Dock Policeman. Three further children were born to Robert and Elizabeth in Cardiff.

When Robert retired from the Dock Police he and Elizabeth bought a smallholding of fruit trees at St Andrews, just outside Cardiff. Elizabeth died and was buried at St Andrew in 1894.