Deans Family History

This is the history of my family, the DEANS, and all the various branches of it through marriage. Before I started my research I believed that apart from my maternal Grandfather's family in Norfolk all the other ancestors were from South Wales. How wrong was I? Research took me to Cornwall, Kent, Ireland, Scotland and India too.

Campbell Family History

This is the history of Roger's CAMPBELL family and all the various branches through marriage. Roger took an interest in tracing his family history after visiting his mother's cousin who knew quite a lot about her side of the family and was pleased to have someone to pass the information on to. We then began to research his father's side of the family as well. The CAMPBELLs should perhaps be known as HOPKINS.

Bishop Family History

This is some research I have done into the BISHOP family of Deeping St Nicholas.


The information on this website is a result of many many hours of research in record offices and libraries before so much became available online. I believe the information to be correct but if you know different please tell me.

Over the years I have met and corresponded with others who are researching branches of the DEANS and CAMPBELL families and I am indebted to them for information we have been able to share as well as to more immediate family members who have recounted anecdotes, stories and rumours.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped in any way.


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