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My link to the HELYAR family comes through the marriage of Jenny HELYAR and William BROWN in Padstow on 19 May 1782. They were my Great-great-great-great-grandparents. (see Brabyn Family History Page)

The Helyar surname has various spellings throughout the Parish Records : Hellier, Hellier, Helyar.

Jenney was born in Padstow, Cornwall and baptised there on 21 February 1762. She was the illegitimate daughter of Hester HELLYAR. Hester later went on to marry James WATT in Padstow on 24 January 1769. She bore two more children, Peter baptised on 12 March 1769 and Elinor baptised 1 April 1772. Elinor died in 1774 and was buried at Padstow on 9 August. Hester died in 1778 and was buried at Padstow on 29 July. I know nothing more about Peter, it is possible that after Hester's death James returned with his young son to his native Dundee.

Hester's parents were John HELYAR and Ann MADOCKS (MADIX). Ann was the daughter of Edward Madix and Elizabeth Row who were married at St Breock on 27 February 1693. Ann was baptised at baptised at

John and Ann were married at Padstow in July 1729. They had nine children all born in Padstow; Eleanor baptised 1 January 1730, Hester and Ann baptised 17 March 1734, Charles baptised 2 July 1735, John baptised 30 August 1737, Elizabeth baptised 10 July 1741, Edward baptised 26 April 1743, Thomas baptised 12 February 1745 and William baptised 20 May 1750. Ann was buried at Padstow on 20 January 1771 and John on 6 March 1786.

John HELYAR was the son of John HELYAR and Elizabeth PEARCE. Elizabeth was baptised in Padstow on 20 July 1678 and was buried there on 5 June 1756.

John and Elizabeth married in Padstow on 31 January 1699. They had eleven children, Thomas baptised 28 January 1700, William baptised 20 January 1702, Esther baptised 22 October 1704, John baptised 27 October 1706, Mary baptised 22 October 1708, Elizabeth baptised 7 December 1709, Martha baptised 4 March 1711, Brigett baptised 21 February 1713 - buried 2 April 1716 , Jane baptised 17 February 1715, Brigett baptised 12 April 1718 and Catherine baptised 5 December 1722. John was buried at Padstow on 20 March 1741 and Elizabeth on 5 June 1756.

John was probably the son of John and Hester Helliar who was baptised at Lanlivery on 10 December 1678.

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