Brown Family Page

Elizabeth BROWN was born in 1782 in Padstow, Cornwall. Elizabeth was the daughter of William BROWN and Jenny HELYAR.

She married William BRABYN, in Padstow on 12th July 1803. Elizabeth bore William Brabyn 6 children. (see Brabyn Family History) She was buried in Padstow on 10 January 1862.

Her father, William BROWN baptised at St Columb Major on 12 August 1759 was the son of Bartholomew BROWN and Johanna LEEKS. He married Jenney HELYAR in Padstow on 19 May 1792. (see Helyar Family Page)

William and Jenney had five children :Elizabeth (1782), Joanna (1784), William (1787), Jenny (1792) and Joseph (1794). Jenny died on 10 January 1803 at Padstow and was buried there on 12 January. William was buried at Padstow on 16 June 1818.

Bartholomew BROWN was born at Cardinham, Cornwall and was baptised there on 2 April 1718. He was the son of Bartholomew BROWN and his wife Joan. Bartholomew married Johanna LEEKS at St Merryn, Cornwall on 16 January 1742, they had 9 children : Joan (1743), Mary (1745) Joseph (1748-1752), Benjamin (1750-1750), Benjamin (1752-1752) Emmy (1753), Elizabeth (1756), William (1759-1818) and Rebecka (1762). Benjamin was buried at St Columb Major on 27 March 1770 and Johanna at St merryn on 3 November 1793.

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