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Pamela Mary DEANS, daughter of William Bernard DEANS and Vivienne Mary BURTON. I was born in Cardiff, so, too, were my parents and three of my grandparents.

So Cardiff was where I expected to find most of my ancestors when I started researching the Family History after my father died. I knew a few things about the family but not a lot.


On the DEANS side I knew that my grandmother was a DONOHUE, probably of Irish descent. She had died when my father was just four years old so no-one knew a lot about that family. I had met her brother when I was young, he had moved from Cardiff to Scotland but apart from that the only Deans family I knew had lived in Cardiff.

On the BURTON side I knew a little more. My grandfather was from Norfolk and I had met his sister Aunt Lily, along with her daughter Kathleen and her two grandchildren when I was younger. I had been told a bit about Grandad's brothers and sisters so I knew their names and that two of his sisters and a brother lived in York and they had married two brothers and a sister from the ALLEN family. One set of great-grandparents, Hubert and Rachel EMBRY lived near us in Herefordshire, I didn't know anything about Hubert Embry's family apart from the fact that his mother's names was Agnes. I knew a little more about my grandmother's family. I had met her sister's, my geat aunts and knew that my great-grandmother had gone with her parent's to live in America when she was 2 years old. They had returned to Wales when she was in her late teens. Granny WILLIAMS, apparently couldn't bear to leave her family again so they remained in Wales. The WILLIAMS family had come from the Rhonddha Valley and John WILLIAMS had been awarded the Albert Medal in 1877 for his part in rescuing miners trapped in Tynewydd Pit.

Research soon showed that my great-grandfather DEANShad been born in India and that his father was from Dalkeith in Scotland where we meet the ANDERSON, AMBROSE and NISBET branches. Robert DEANS had served in the British Army and married Elizabeth PRICE from Devonport. James DEANS married Maria BRABYN and we get the BRABYN, HORNABROOK, BROWN, MERRIFIELD and other families from Cornwall. Alice DEANS' family, the O'DONOHUEs and MURPHYs came from Cork in Ireland.

The BURTON branch spread out from Norfolk into Yorkshire, London and Lincolnshire, through the BURTON and PETCH families. In Norfolk we find also the MUTIMER, WARD, HEYHOE and REEDER families. The EMBRY family can be found in Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire as well as Australia. Rachel DAVIES nee WILLIAMS emigrated to Ohio in USA and descendants from that family still live there.

For the DEANS family and links to its branches visit the Deans Family History page. Like wise for the BURTON Family and links to its branches visit the Burton Family History page.

My database contains information on 2820 individual family members.

The Surname List covers 587 unique surnames from both families and their numerous branches.

 Pam's Pedigree Chart provides information on my direct line of ancestors for both DEANS and BURTON families.

Ancestry Report shows my DEANS and BURTON line of ancestry.

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