Pam's Family History

Pamela Mary Deans, daughter of William Bernard Deans and Vivienne Mary Burton.

Researching the history of my family and all its branches has been very interesting and a lot of fun and I still have much to discover.

On some of the branches of this family tree I am unsure how much further back I will be able to get - such as the Merrifield branch which now pre-dates most written records - but I live in hope - one never knows exactly what is out there waiting to be discovered. The one branch that I would dearly like to find out more about is William Donohue and Catherine Murphy. Looking for these two names in Irish records is probably harder than trying to locate the Williams in Wales!

My database contains information on 2798 individual family members. The Surname List covers 581 unique surnames from both families and their numerous branches.

Pam's Pedigree Chart provides information on my direct line of ancestors for both DEANS and BURTON families.

The Ancestry Report shows my Deans and Burton line of ancestry

The Deans and Burton menus provide links for the family branches in each line of ancestry.