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The link to the DURRANT family occurs when Ellinor (Helen) DURRANT married James HORTH at Lound, Suffolk in 1814 - see HORTH Family History page

Please refer to the Descent Report and Chart or follow the link to John Durrant -Descendants for more information about individuals of each generation.

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I tried to trace Ellinor Durrants family many years ago when I first came across evidence of her marrying James Horth. There weren't very many records online at that time and and I didn't turn to the family again until a long time later. The 1851 census records that Ellinor, wife of James Horth of Caister-0n-Sea, Norfolk was born in Lound, Suffolk and the Marriage Register shows them being married there on 13 December 1814 . Later censuses also show that Ellinor and James first child, Mary Ann (BALLS), was born in Lound. Ellinor's age on both the 1841 and 1851 census give us a birth year for her of about 1796. There were two families named DURRANT with records of baptisms at Lound, Suffolk covering this period - the 22 baptisms (1789 -1813) are for either the children of John DURRANT and Elizabeth GEORGE or for the children of William DURRANT and Alice REEVE. On page 46 of the Lound Register for Baptisms and Burials there is a baptism record for 10 January 1796 for Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth born 6 January and immediately following that is the record for Helen daughter of William and Alice born 8 January Maybe John and William could be brothers, sons of John DURRANT and Alice HOLMES. John and Alice were married at Lound on 13 October 1765. They are both buried at St John's Churchyard at Lound, Alice was buried 2 June 1812 and John on 30 April 1817. Also buried at Lound are the brothers(?) John and William. The entries in the Burial register shown them in consequetive records both buried the same day; 24 August 1834. Their wives Elizabeth and Lydia are both buried at Lound too. I cannot find a baptism for a John Durrant born in or near Lound in 1776 but there is a baptism record for a William Durrant - 2 July 1773 at Ashby a small village about 1-2 miles from Lound. The record names his parents as John and Alice Durrant. While doing my research I have come across numerous trees showing William Durrant, father of Ellinor to be the son of Edward Durrant and Ann TURNER of Kessingland, but There doesn't seem to be any evidence to substantiate this claim.

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William Durrant was baptised at Ashby Church, near Lound, Suffolk on 2 July 1773. He was the son of John DURRANT and Alice HOLMES. On 17 August 1795 William married Lydia REEVE at Lound. William and Lydia had nine children: Ellinro (Helen), William, Phebe, Dinah, Alice, Honor, William, Eliza and Celia. Lydia was buried at Lound on 8 June 1832. William was buried at Lound on 24 August 1834 on the came day as his brother John .

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Ellinor was born on 8 January 1796 to William DURRANT and his wife Lydia (nee REEVES), She was baptised at Lound on 10 January 1796. with the name HELEN. On 13 December 1814 Ellinor married James HORTH at Lound. They were married by Banns with consent from  Ellinor's parents as she was under 21 years of age. Ellinor and James eldest child, Mary Ann was born and baptised the following year at Lound. Soon after this they moved to Caister, Norfolk where the rest of their family was born; Lizza, James, Phebe, William, Hannah, Christmas, Lydia and George.  In 1841 Ellinor is living at West End, Caister, she has three children with her: Christmas, Lydia and George but James and their son James are listed separately, they are both working as agricultural labourers. In 1851 they have no children at home but do have their grandson. Robert Horth aged 7 living with them. Robert is the son of their daughter Hannah. Ellinor died the following year and was buried at Caister on 21 October 1852.and their address is given as West Road, Caister and James’ occupation as a farmer’s labourer. Ellinor died in 1852 and James in 1859.

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