Thomas Family Page

Ann THOMAS was born c 1853 probably in or near to Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. She was the daughter of Edward THOMAS.

Ann married John (Iaon) WILLIAMS on 20th December 1873 in Pontypridd, Wales.

It is believed that Ann may have had a sister Mary.  There is a rumour in the family that Mary was the mother of Sir William James Thomas of Ynyshir, Glamorgan. I have not been able to prove or deny this belief in all of my research so far. The family descendants of Sir William James Thomas do not now of any link and the "Who's Who" entry for the family names his mother as Jane Phillips.

Of a link between these two THOMAS families I am certain ( though it may not be a blood link).  Sir William James Thomas's grandfather , James Thomas was the owner of the Tynewydd Pit which suffered the inundation in 1877 and for which John Williams was awarded the Albert Medal for his part in the rescue of the trapped miners.

Census records suggest that Sir William James Thomas was orphaned at an early age and brought up by his grandfather, James Thomas.  Upon his death James Thomas bequeathed his fortune to his grandson.  I have come to believe that the link between the two families may be through the grandfather, James Thomas and his housekeeper who could well have been Anne's sister.

It may be that Mary Thomas was a housekeeper to James Thomas and so had a part in the upbringing of Sir William James.

I have been told that John Williams was asked to ride in the carriage with Sir William James on a procession through Cardiff when the rescuers from Tynewydd were awarded their medals, etc.  This story must be mixed up somewhat as Sir William James Thomas would have been only 11 years old at that time and I think the medal etc were presented elsewhere. There is probably some truth in the story but I think it is more likely that John Williams was asked to ride in procession with Sir William James Thomas when he was presented with the Freedom of the City of Cardiff.

Gran Embry (Rachel Williams) certainly knew the family as when later in life she was told that Sir William's son was living near to us she stated that she would like to meet him again.