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Olive Winifred EMBRY was born in 1898 in Dinas Powis. She was the daughter of Hubert William EMBRY and Rachel WILLIAMS. She married George BURTON in 1922 in Cardiff.

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John Embry, waterman, was probably born in Frethene, Gloucestershire in 1791, the son of John EMERY and Elenor THOMAS. He married Maria Price and they made a home and raised their family in the town of Monmouth. (Towpath dispute)    In 1841 the family are living in "The Burghage", Monmouth. Their eldest son, William, is already married, seven other children are listed at home with them.  John's occupation is given as Ag Lab.

By 1851 John and Maria have moved to Nailor's Lane and still have three children living with them, John's occupation is now given as bricklayer's labourer.  Maria died in 1858 and in 1861 John is living with his daughter Maria, Her husband, Jonathan James and their children at Wye Side. John's occupation is listed as labourer.  John is still living with Maria and Jonathon James in 1871 but the family have moved to Leavage Cottage and John's occupation is given as formerly waterman.  John died in 1872 and was buried in Monmouth on 31st March that year.

Children of John and Maria Embry

William Embry:   See William Embry

Ann Embry: Ann is listed as a daughter to John and Maria on the 1841 census.  There is no baptism record for her in the Church Register and no marriage or death record for her.

Richard Embry:  Richard was born in Monmouth on 13th July 1823 and baptised on 23rd July. In 1848 Richard emigrated to Australia.  He sailed from Plymouth aboard the "Harbinger" and arrived in Sydney, Australia on 15th February 1849.  Here he married Rebecca Coombes in 1850 then sailed on the "Cumberland" to Queensland. They settled near Ipswich, Queensland and raised a family of eight children.  Many of their descendants still live there.  Descendants of Richard and Rebecca Embry.

James Embry:  James was born in Monmouth in 1826. In 1841 his occupation is Ag Lab. In 1847 he married Mary Ann Griffiths in Ledbury.  In 1851 James is living with his parents in Nailor's Lane, Monmouth.  The census states his condition as married but Mary is not listed with him, she is at Broadmoor Common, Wollhope, Herefordshire with their daughter Louisa.  Mary and James had five children, they lived all their married life at Broadmoor Common.   In 1861 the census spells their surname as HEMERY and lists James' occupation as Ag Lab. In the 1871 census James and Mary were living there with their four youngest children and a grandaughter, Emmily. James is a labourer.  In 1881 their address is listed as Broadmoor Common, James is an Agricultural Labourer as is their son Charles.  Also living with them is a grandson, Arthur Swift. In 1891 James and Mary are still living at Broadmoor, James' occupation is now given as roadman and quarryman.  Their grandson Arthur Swift, is still living with them.  By 1901 James and Maria have two other grandchildren living with them at Broadmoor, Mary and Emily Trigg, James's occupation is given as stone quarryman. Mary died in 1901. James then went to live with his grandaughter, Sarah Jane Jones and her husband and family living at 29a Park Street, Hereford.  James' occupation is given as roadman and there is a note on the census form stating that he is grandfather of wife, long past work. James died in 1913.

Thomas Embry: Thomas was born in Monmouth in 1829. In 1841 he is living with his parents at The Burghage. By 1851 he is married to Sarah and is living in Nailor's Lane, his occupation is listed as bricklayer's labourer, they have a baby daughter Dianah. 1861 sees the family living at Old Bank St, Monmouth, Dianah has died but Thomas and Sarah have four more children, Thomas, Joseph, William and Alfred but two other children, Henry and Frederick died in infancy. Before 1871 Thomas and Sarah have moved to Priory Mill Street. William and Alfred still live with them plus another child, Octavius.  Sarah died in 1876. There are several accounts in local papers of Thomas and Sarah's misdemeanours, most of them while under the influence of drink. In December 1876 Sarah's body was found in the River at Redbrook. Thomas was then living in Drybridge Street, apart from Sarah, and supporting her with 5s a week. At the inquest into her death Thomas staets that she had been a woman of drunken habits for the past four years. Other neighbours testify to this but also state that she did not appear tipsy when last seen.  A verdict of death by drowning was recorded. In 1881 Thomas is living at Harper's Yard , lodging with a family named Price and also living with him is his son Thomas, no other children. He has moved to Pascoe's Yard by 1891 and has his son Octavius living with him then.  Thomas died in 1894.  There are several newspaper reports mention criminal or anti social behaviour by two sons, Thomas and Octavius. Octavius at one time was living in the workhouse and he was also sent to prison for threatening to stab an inmate. The 1901 census states that Octavius has been feeble minded from birth and the 1911 census states that he has been an imbecile from birth. See Embry Snippets

Emily Embry: Emily was born in 1832 in Monmouth but died when only a couple of weeks old.

Anna Maria Embry: Anna Maria (Maria), was born in Monmouth in 1833 and baptised there on 20th September that year, her surname is recorded in the register as Amberry. She appears on the 1841 census living in The Burghage with her parents and family. In 1851 Maria is a general servant working for the Whitley family in Church Street, Monmouth.  In 1858 Maria married Jonothan James. In 1861 they are living at Wye Side and have two daughters Ellen and Elizabeth, also living with them is Maria's father, John Embry and a nephew, Richard Embry. Richard was the son of her sister Emma. In 1871 they are living at Leavage Cottage, they have seven children and Maria's father is still living with them. Maria died and was buried in Monmouth on 21st April 1877.

Emma Embry: Emma was born in Monmouth on 31st March 1835 and baptised on 17th April that year. She appears in the 1841 census living with her parents and family at The Burghage, Monmouth and in 1851 at Nailor's Lane, Monmouth.  In 1853 Emma gave birth to a base born son, Richard (this is the nephew who was living with Anna Maria James (Embry) in the 1861 census). No more is known about Emma but her son, Richard emmigrated to Australia and married Maria Embry, the daughter of Richard Embry and Rebecca Coombes.

Sarah Embry: Sarah was born in Monmouth and baptised there on 28th March 1838. She appears inthe 1841 census living with her family in The Burghage, Monmouth and in 1851 at Nailor's Lane. Sarah married Samuel Plaister (Plaster) in Newport in 1870 but appears on the 1861 census with him as his wife and with a baby son, George living at Llanarth Buildings, Newport. In 1871 they have four chidren and are living at St Hilery's Court, Newport. In 1881 they are living at Camal Parade, St Woolos, Newport.  They have seven children and also staying there is Octavius Embry, son of Sarah's brother Thomas. In 1891 Samuel and Samuel (jnr) are living with their daughter Sarah Ann and her husband but Sarah is not listed with them.  Sarah died in 1897 at Newport.

Their eldest son, William (William Embry & Family) lived and worked in the Forest of Dean for a while before marrying Maria Morgan from Newland, Gloucestershire and returning to raise his family in Monmouth. 

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William was the eldest son of John Embry and Maria Price. He was born in Monmouth and baptised there on 29th November 1818. On the 18th March 1839 William married Maria Elizabeth Morgan at Newland.  William and Maria had eight children. In 1841 William and Maria were living "over the Bridge" in Monmouth with their son Abraham.  William's occupation is plasterer. In 1851 they are living in Robert's Building, Wye Bridge, their family has increased to five children, Louisa is entered as Julia.  They are still there in 1881 and have completed their family. Maria died and was buried in Monmouth on 13th July 1867. In 1871 William is living in Dixton Road with several of his children but by 1881 is on his own boarding at a house in Grub Street. In 1891 he is an "inmate of almshouses" living at No. 14. William died in Monmouth on 26th February 1895 and was buried on 2nd March that year.  Probate was granted to Clara Embry spinster on 9 April Effects  £43. Children of William and Maria are:

Abraham the eldest lived in Pontrilas for a while before moving back to Monmouth.  He and his wife Harriet only had 3 children, the eldest son, Albert left home to emigrate to the USA. It appears that nothing else was heard from him as there were at least 2 appeals, one from his father the other from his mother, for information as to his whereabouts. (Embry Snippets.In fact Albert did reach the USA arriving in New York on 7th March 1885 aboard the ship "Spain".  "Spain" had sailed from Liverpool, calling at Queenstown, Ireland.  Albert is listed as a labourer travelling forward steerage. I haven't been able to find a positive trace of Albert after that.  he may have made his way to Canada as there is a record of Albert G Embrey born about 1865 who died in Port coquitlam, B. C. on 9th October 1941.

Elizabeth went to work in London and later married a man from Staffordshire named Richard Hobby.  Richard was a time served soldier in the Lifeguards. He was awarded the War Medal and Khedives Star for services in the Egyptian Campaign.  On discharge from the Lifeguards Richard became a messenger in the House of Commons. (Richard Hobby)

Louisa was a Licensed Victualler for a time, summonds for serving alcohol outside licencing hours, and then married John Moses and made her home in Mitchel Troy. Grancher Embry (Hubert) lived with Louisa and her family as a boy and remained close to them all his life.(Embry Snippets.)

Alfred was the one with the money!  He worked for the Great Western Railway Company to begin with and moved to Cardiff where he married but never had any children (I think it is likely that he and his wife may have been estranged). He went on to have or manage a haulage company and seems to have put his money into property, owning several houses in Cardiff including at least one on Newport Road.  When he died he left the houses to various other members of the Embry family including one to his sister Agnes, mother of Grancher. (Alfred Embry.)

Clara never married.  She worked in Brighton for a time and then lived with Elizabeth and Richard in London (and maybe working for them) as well as with Agnes and her family back in Monmouth and later Cardiff. She died at Agnes home 11 Hirwain Street, Cardiff in 1905 and left her effects to Agnes £35 17s. ("Where the Money Went!")

William was a bit of an enigma, at first I thought he never married but then found a marriage entry for a William Embry in Paddington, London. William married Sarah VINER on 14 June 1877. They had a daughter Rosa Elizabeth born in 1880 at Marylebone. William and sarah then emigrated to Australia and their second daughter was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1885, they baptised her Lilian Blanche. In 1891 William and Sarah and their two daughters returned to the UK on board the Oruna. William died in 1899 and is buried at the cemetery in Monmouth in a plot next to his parents. Sarah returned to London and worked as a monthly nurse and then as a housekeeper. Rosa died in 1905. Lilly married Albert Stephenson in 1925 but they never had children. Sarah died in 1932 and is buried at Epsom in Surrey.

Agnes was born at Troy House, Monmouth in 1855. (Agnes Embry & Family)

Maria married John Clement Sutton from Cumberland.  Maria had been working as a servant in a large house near to John's home. John and Maria moved to Cross Farm Lanedarne, Cardiff.  This was probably owned by Alfred who was living with them there in 1891 shortly before his sudden death.  The Sutton's then moved to a house in Newport Road, Cardiff left to them by Alfred. Unfortunately while living at Newport Road their young daughter Emmeline (b 1892) fell from an upstairs window and died, aged 2 years.  John Clement Sutton died in 1899 and some time after this Maria emmigrated to Canada with her 3 remaining children Gladys, Alfred and Maria. The 1916 census for Canada shows them at Hamilton Ontario, Gladys married Herbert Ibbetson in Toronto in 1911 and they moved across the continent to Vancouver and had a daughter, Jean. Alfred married Blanche Kidd, they had three children. In the 1901 census for Cardiff the Kidds are living in Newport Road, where the Suttons also lived for a time so the two families might have been known to each other previous to their emmigration to Canada and maybe the reason why Marie  decided to go there after Alfred's death. 

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Agnes, (my Great-great-grandmother) was born at Troy House, Monmouth in 1855, slightly deaf from birth, she had 2 illigitimate children, Hubert (Grancher) (Hubert) and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was baptised from the workhouse in Monmouth and died as a baby. Agnes went off to work in London, and left Hubert in the care of her sister Louisa in Mitchel Troy. Agnes later married William Ellis and had a further 2 children: Marie Embry Ellis and Richard Morgan Ellis. Agnes and William Ellis lived back in Monmouth for a time and then moved to Cardiff.  They probably lived in the house left to Agnes by her brother Alfred. Also living with them was Clara Embry.

Richard Morgan Ellis married Ann Carter in 1914. They had four
children, one of whom, William Richard Embry Ellis lost his life serving
in the Royal Marines during World War II.

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Hubert William (Grancher) Embry was born in Monmouth in 1872.  He was the base born son of Agnes Embry.  No father is named on his birth certificate but when he married Rachel Williams at Penarth in 1897 he gives his father's name as Thomas Embry (deceased) - was this Thomas "the rogue" Embry, Agnes' uncle?  Hubert was a wheelwright by trade, raised by his aunt in Mitchel Troy, he joined the Welsh Regiment in 1892 but bought himself out about 18 months later. He then seems to have moved around South Wales and the valleys a bit - Aunt Audrey says that he and Rachel met while she was staying with the Thomas's at a farm in Lisvane.  Certainly there is a Thomas family there at this time and I believe them to be related though I haven't proof positive of the connection).  Marriage certificate shows Hubert and Rachel marrying at Penarth and Olive was born the following year at Dinas Powis, however by the time Mia was born in 1900 they were living at 12 Meyrick Terrace, Ystradyfodwg, and then in 1911 at 36 Coronation Terrace, Porth where Ida and Audrey were born.  They were still living in Porth in 1914 when Grancher was called up as a Reservist at the outbreak of WWI.  A son, Hubert, was born in 1914 at Porth but he died, aged 15 months, in Walford, near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire and is buried at the churchyard there.  Grancher and Gran Embry they moved to Quarry Cottage, Goodrich. Gran could not bear to overlook the churchyard at Walford where her son was buried.  Grancher spent the rest of his days living in this cottage on Coppett Hill and Gran remained there for a time after his death before moving to live with her daughter Audrey in Cardiff.

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Grancher Hubert William Embry
(Grancher Embry)
grangrancher Hubert and Rachel Embry on their Golden Wedding Anniversary
embry Rachel Embry (nee Williams) with her mother, Ann Williams (nee Thomas) and her grandchildren, Aldyth, Audrey, Vivienne and Hubert grangrancher Hubert and Rachel Embry (nee Williams) with Ann Williams (nee Thomas)
olive Olive Winifred Embry GranEmbryJackie Rachel Embry (nee Williams) with her Great-great-grandaughter, Jacqueline, taken in 1970
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