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MotherVivienne Mary BURTON was born in 1925 in Cardiff she died in 2018 in Herefordshire. Vivienne was the daughter of George BURTON and Olive Winifred EMBRY. Vivienne married William Bernard DEANS.

John Burton (1785-1847) & Phebe King (1792-1880)  Top of the page

The BURTON line of ancestry goes back to John BURTON born around 1785 in Norfolk, possibly  at Massingham or Houghton-next-Harpley. John married Ann SHINN at Great Massingham on 12th November 1804 and they had one child, John, born in 1806 and baptised at Great Massingham on 26th April.  Ann died the following year and was buried at Great Massingham on 15th February 1807

In 1810 John was married again, this time to Phebe KING on 13th July at the church in Harpley. Phebe was the daughter of John and Mary KING.  She was baptised on 18 March 1792 at Pentney, Norfolk, she had a sister Elizabeth who was baptised at Pentney 13 October 1793.

John and Phebe had 10 children, Robert (1811-1812), Martha (1812-1892), William (1814-1840), Mary (1816-), George (1819-1889), Elizabeth (1821-), James (1824-), Thomas (1827-), Eliza (1831-), Frederick(1837-).  By 1841 John, a labourer and Phoebe are living at Lynn Street, Swaffham with three of their children, George, James and Thomas.  A daughter, Phoebe, born 1840 is entered on the census but she was in fact their grandaughter, a child born to their daughter, Martha. John died in 1847 and was buried in Swaffham on 5th March. 

Phoebe appears in the 1851 census as a servant to Harriet MARCON who has a house at the Church Yard Swaffham.  By 1861 she is living with her daughter Martha, who married Robert HOWES on 28th June 1844 in Swaffham, also living with them at Castleacre Street is Martha's daughter Phoebe now aged 21. Robert, Martha, Phoebe and a niece called Alice have moved into the Old Meeting House, Swaffham by 1871.  Phoebe died in 1880 and was buried on June 5th, she was 93 years of age.

Children of John Burton & Phebe King         Top of the page

John BURTON, son of John and Anne SHINN was baptised on 26th April 1806 in Great Massingham, the baptism record states that he had been born the previous day. I can find no further definite evidence for baby John and the fact that he was baptised so soon after his birth suggests that he may not have been a healthy baby and probably died soon afterwards.

Robert, eldest child of John and his second wife, Phoebe (Phebe) was born on 4th April 1811 He was baptised at Great Massingham on 8th April 1811 but died in infancy and was buried at the same church on 2nd June 1812.

Martha was born on the 6th November 1812 and was baptised at Great Massingham on the 8th November 1812. By 1841 Martha's family had moved to Swaffham and were living at Lynn Street but Martha is not living with them, instead she is in the Union Workhouse at Swaffham. Martha married Robert HOWES (HOUSE) on 28th June 1844 at Swaffham and they went to live on Lynn Street. A son, Robert was born in October that year. By 1861 Robert and Martha have moved to Castle Acre Street, and Martha's mother, Phoebe is living with them along with her daughter Phoebe. Robert is not entered with them.  Martha and Robert then moved into the Old Meeting House and in 1871 Martha's mother is still living with them and also Alice BURTON, a niece, born in London.  Robert took a job as a servant at the Greyhound Inn in Swaffham and he and Martha are lodging there in 1881.  1891 sees them living at The Retreat near Spinner's Lane and living with them are William POWLEY and his son Robert. Robert died in 1891 and Martha in 1892, she was buried in Swaffham on 4th April.

William was born in 1815 and baptised at Great Massingham on the 21st October 1815. He married Mary HEADS in Swaffham on 24th February 1839 and in August of that year a daughter, Elizabeth was born to them.  Elizabeth was baptised in Swaffham on the 13th August 1839. In July the following year William died and was buried at Swaffham on the 16th July.  His death was closely followed by that of his daughter Elizabeth, she was buried on 4th August 1840 at Swaffham.  Mary remarried in 1843 to John CRAFER (CRAPER).

Mary was born in 1816 in Great Massingham and baptised there on 20th October 1816.  Mary married William CRAFER in Swaffham on 30th June 1839.  They had three children: Maria WAS born 1839, She married Edmund WELLS in Swaffham in 1865. George married Eliza GARNER in Loughborough, Leicestershire in 1872, they had seven children. Mary Ann married William MANN in Swaffham in 1873.

George see George Burton and Family

Elizabeth was born 10th November 1821 in Swaffham. She married Thomas VINCENT on 19 October 1841 at Heveringham in Norfolk. Thomas was an agricultural yardman and groom. They had six children. One grandson, William Frederick VINCENT died in France during WWI. He was a private in the Norfolk Regiment serving with the 8th Battalion. He was reported wounded/missing on 21 October 1916 later presumed to have died on that date. This was probably during the Battle of Ancre Heights and the attack on Regina Trench. He is buried at Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt, Dept de Somme. Plot 5. His name is recorded on the War Memorial at North Walsham and on the Roll of Honour for the 8th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment.  William Frederick VINCENT.

James was born in Swaffham in 1824 and was baptised there on the 29th May. On 10th August 1849 he married Ellen FOX at Middleton, Norfolk.  James and Ellen had seven children, four died in infancy. George married Elizabeth and lived in East Ham, Essex they had three children. Mary Ann, born 1859 married James RYE 1876 in Middleton. Mary Ann and James had 19 children. One of their sons, Ernest Edward RYE died in Palestine in 1917. He was a Private in 5th Battalion Norfolk Regiment and died of wounds on 21 April 1917. He is commemorated on the War Memorial in Middleton. The Cottage at Tower End, Middleton where the family lived is now called Rye Cottage. Ernest Edward RYE    John married Laura Jane VALENTINE, in 1890, they had five children. The eldest son, Claude Valentine BURTON was killed in action on 23rd August 1915 at Gallipoli. Claude had been with the 1st/5th Battalion Norfolk Regiment.  He is remembered on the War Memorial in King's Lynn and also on the Helles Memorial in Turkey. Claude Valentine BURTON

Thomas was born in Swaffham on 19th February 1827 and baptised there on 8th April that year. On 28th March 1848 Thomas faced trial at the County Assizes.  He was accused of robbery with violence but found "Not Guilty". On 10th May 1850 a boy named Richard George Burton PORTER was born in Swaffham, he was baptised there on 14th July and recorded as the base born child of Mary PORTER. Thomas was most likely the father of this child as in 1851 he married Mary Porter in Swaffham. On the 1851 census of Swaffham Thomas is recorded as being a blacksmith and a prisoner in the Jail at Swaffham so this is likely why he and Mary didn't marry before the birth of the Richard. On 10th July 1852 another child, George was born and baptised on 4th August, followed by Alethia born 21st September and baptised on 11th October.  In 1861 the census shows that Thomas and Mary were living at St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex. Living with them is Mary's widowed father,Dennis PORTER and their son George but no mention of Richard or Alethia.  I can find no other records of this family yet.

Eliza was born on 28th July 1851 and baptised on 11th October that year.

Frederick was born on 20th June 1837 and baptised in Swaffham on 26th June that year.  He died a few weeks later and was buried at Swaffham on 30th August.

George Burton(1819-1889) & Mary Ward(1821-1905)Top of the page

George Burton was born in Swaffham on 28th October 1819 to John BURTON and his wife Phebe (KING). George was baptised on 7th November that same year.  In 1841 George is living with his parents in Lynn Street, Swaffham and is a labourer.

On 4th September 1842 George married Mary WARD at Swaffham. She was the daughter of William WARD and Elizabeth BENNETT.Mary already had a son, John born the previous year, baptism records show that he was base born to Mary Ward but is named as Burton. Mary was the daughter of William WARD and Elizabeth BENNETT, she was born on 5 February 1821 and baptised at Swaffham on 26th February that year.

George's occupation is usually cited as labourer but he was not adverse to doing a bit of poaching as a sideline. There are several newspaper reports of George being caught poaching and brought to book for his misdeameanours which also included a charge of assault and another of affray in Church. One newspaper report describes him as a "notorious poacher" and another mentions a prison sentence but I can find no other record of this.

George and Mary are living in Spinner's Lane, Swaffham at the time of the 1851 census with four more children, William, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Eliza. John is living with his grandparents in Ward's Cottages. George is again classed as a labourer. They are still at Spinner's Lane in 1861 with eight children, Mary, Eliza, Robert, James, George, Ann, Henry and Arthur.  George's name has been entered on the census as a thatcher but the name has been crossed through and the words "husband absent" entered instead. 1871 sees them still in Spinner's Lane and seven children living with them, Robert, James, Annie, George, Henry, Arthur and Phoebe. In 1881 only three children are still with them in Spinner's Lane, Henry, Arthur and Phoebe plus a granddaughter, Elizabeth. George died in 1889 and was buried on 20th July. Mary continued to live in Spinner's Lane and is found there with her granddaughter Mary Elizabeth in 1891 and with two grandsons, Henry and William in 1901.  Mary died in 1905.

Children of George Burton and Mary Ward          Top of the page

John (Ward) Burton was the base born son of Mary WARD.  He was born in Swaffham on 20th September and baptised on 4th November and the surname Burton is recorded in the Church records.  In 1841 he is recorded on the census as John Ward and he and his mother are living with her parents in Spinner's Lane, Swaffham. John is still living with his grandparents in Ward's Cottages in 1851 but he is recorded as John Burton.  His mother had married George BURTON in 1842 and they are living in Spinner's Lane with four other children born since their marriage.  In 1870 John married Emily WHEATON in Islington but the 1871 census shows John is living at 9 Clarence Place, St Luke's Middlesex. He is an engine smith at a factory and his wife is named as Emma.  Emma was born in Royston, Cambridgeshire and that is where their eldest son, William was born.  They have two more sons, John born in St Luke's and George born in Clerkenwell. In 1881 John and Mary are living at 30 Northampton Street, Islington with their two sons William and John. By 1891 John is a printer's engineer living at 14 Chalfont Road, Islington with Emily and son John who is an engineer's labourer. John died in Islington in 1895. Both William and John are living with Emily at Hornsey Street, Islington on the 1901 census. Emily's occupation is given as laundress, William and John are general labourers. I can't find any of them on the 1911 census.

William was born in 1842 in Swaffham, he was baptised there on 8th November.  William had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born in Clerkenwell in 1865. There is a Mary Elizabeth BURTON recorded as a visitor with the Marchant family in Paddington in 1871. In 1881 she is a scholar living with her granpaarents George and Mary in Spinner's Lane, Swaffham and she is still with her grandmother in 1891 I am unable yet to determine who Elizabeth's mother was. William died in 1874 and was buried at Swaffham on the 23 June.

Elizabeth was born in Swaffham in 1845 and baptised on 2nd December. She married William Frederick HAWKINS on 16th August 1868 in Swaffham.  It is possible that after their marriage Elizabeth and William emmigrated.

Mary Ann was born in Swaffham in 1847 and baptised there on 25th September.

Eliza was born in Swaffham in 1849 and baptised on 30th May. On 21st July 1879 she married William WARR. William was from Islington and Eliza and William are living there in 1881 at Alfred Street. In 1891 Eliza is living in Isledon Road, Islington with two children; William R. and Gertrude M.  Also living with Eliza is Phoebe BURTON, Eliza's youngest sister. On the night of the census William is lodging in Devon and his occupation is given as "Commercial Traveller". In the 1901 census they are living at 193 Isledon Road, William's occupation is given as commercial traveller in leather goods.  Living with them is their daughter Gertude whose occupation is music teacher. In the 1911 census William's status is given as widower and he is living in Curzon Road, Muswell Hill. William died in 1917 in Muswell Hill and left effect of £1317.18s.1d. Probate was granted to his daughter Gertrude and her husband.

Robert - see Robert Burton and Matilda Petch

James was born in Swaffham on the 8th March 1854 and baptised on 26th May. In 1880 in Hertfordshire James married a lady named Annie and they moved to Westbourne Road, Islington. James was a carpenter and later specialised as a laddermaker. In 1891 he and Annie had moved to 39 Hornsey Street, Islington with their three children Gertrude Minnie, Henry James and Mary.  I cannot find James or his family on the 1901 census and sometime between 1891 and 1911 Annie died as James remarried to Ann PANKHURST in Lambeth in 1911. Gertrude married Henry John RENN, Henry married Ada Annie PATEMAN but nothing more is known about Mary.

George Henry was baptised in Swaffham on 9th May 1856 he had been born on 17th April that year and was a twin brother to Ann.  In 1871 he is classed as a labourer living with his parents in Spinners Lane, Swaffham. In 1881 he is a draper's assistant living at 33 Grafton Street, St Pancras. Later that year he married  Mary PRITCHARD.  By 1891 they are living at 12 St Ewans Road, Kensington and have four children; Thomas, George, William and Lilian. His occupation is given as turncock, water. In 1901 they are living at 28 Senior Street, Paddington and have two more children, Florence and Mary.  They are still at 28 Senior Street in 1911 and Thomas, William, Lilian and Mary are still living with them. The census states that Thomas was born at 49 Hampden Street, Paddington and is a commercial traveller. William was born at 53 St Ervan Street, Kensington and is a baker. Lilian was born at 12 St Ervan Street and is a dressmaker and Mary at 14 Elnathan Mews, Paddington and is also a dressmaker. George Henry died in 1917 in Paddington, his wife Mary died there in 1933.

Ann was born in Swaffham on 17th April 1856 and baptised there on 9th May, a twin sister to George Henry. In 1881 Ann is working as a servant/housekeeper to Frances BORRIE, 57 Arundel Square, Islington. Later that year she married William Charles KILLBY at St Pancras. William was an engineer by trade. They had three children William Charles (1881-1963), Annie Maria (1884-1972) and Mary (1886-1971). One of Annie and William's grandsons, Leslie George Oliver SMITH joined the RAF V.R. and went missing in action and presumed dead on 6 November 1942. He is commemorated at Runnymede, Panel 67.

Henry was born in Swaffham on 2nd July 1858 and baptised on 20th July. In 1881 he is living with his parents in Spinner's Lane Swaffham and is listed as an ag lab. George moved to Lambeth, London and married Lydia CLARKE in 1884. Henry and Lydia were living at 8 China Walk, Lambeth Road in 1887 when their first child, Edith Maud was baptised. In 1891 they are living at 1 Devonshire Place, Lambeth, Henry's occupation is given as harness maker, another child, George, was born in 1889.  Three other children followed; Harry 1891, William 1894 and Alice 1899.  In 1901 they are living at 46 Midhope Buildings, Grays Inn Lane and Henry is working as a cab washer/groom.  By 1911 they have moved to 6 Kings Cross Road and Henry is now working in a mail yard, Their sons  Harry and William are working as van boys.   Henry died in 1941.   Edith married Edward RYAN, they had two children.   George married Katherine REICHART and they had eight children.  The eldest Max, emmigrated to Newark New Jersey. Nothing more is known about Harry, William or Alice.

Arthur Frederick was born in Swaffham on 25th April 1860 and baptised the same day.  The entry in the Church registerrecords his name as Frederick but the Birth Registration Index names him as Arthur Frederick.  In 1881 Arthur's occupation is given as agricultural labourer and he is still living with his parent's at Spinner's Lane, Swaffham. In 1888, in Lambeth, George married Kate PORTER and they are living at 17 Paris Street, Lambeth in 1991. Arthur's occupation is harness maker and they have two children: Ethel and Henry.  George returned to Swaffham and in 1901 is living two dwellings away from Robert and Matilda BURTON in Spinner's Lane. Arthur and Kate have two children living with them Hilda and Gertrude. Arthur died in 1906.  Kate was living at Prince of Wales Road, Swaffham in 1911 with Henry, William and Gertrude.  Henry is working as a corn merchant's clerk and William as a grocer's clerk, Gertrude is still at school.  The census states that Kate is a widow and had five children all of whom are still alive.  IOn the 1939 register Kate's ocupation is given as "house duties - unpaid2 and she is living at 27 Orchard Place, Swaffham.  Kate died in 1949 in Swaffham.

Phebe was born in Swaffham on 22nd July 1862 and baptised there on 13th August that year.  In 1881 she is working as a general servant and living with her parents in Spinner's Lane, Swaffham. By 1891 she has moved to Islington and is living with her sister Eliza WARR at 193, Isledon Road, - no occupation is stated.  Nothing more is known about Phebe.

Robert BURTON (1851-1935) & Matilda PETCH(1855-1935)             Top of the page

Robert was born in Swaffham, Norfolk on 12th June 1851 and baptised in the church on 2nd July that year. Robert was the third son and sixth child of George BURTON and his wife Mary WARD.  Robert grew up living with his parents and siblings at Spinner's Lane, Swaffham.  In 1861 he is listed as a scholar although it is believed he started work as a bricklayer when only 8 years old earning 5d a day. In 1871 he is still living at Spinner's Lane with his parents and recorded as a labourer. Like his father before him Robert was also a "notoriuos poacher". There are several newspaper reports of him being caught poaching in and around Swaffham.

He married Matilda PETCH in the Register Office at Swaffam on 7th September 1874 and soon afterwards their first child, Robert was born. (See Petch Family History Page) Robert was baptised in Swaffham on 27th October 1874.  Their second child, Emily was born on 7th June1876, the family were then living at Smith's Buildings in Mexborough.  Robert's occupation on Emily's baptism record, 3rd November 1876, is given as labourer so presumably the family went to Mexborough in order to find work. I was told that he was employed building factory chimneys here. Another son, Arthur William was born in 1878 but the family were now living in Islington.  Again they had probably moved there to find work and there were other family members living and working in this area.  Robert and Matilda's elder son Robert died in Islington in 1879.  They are still living in Islington at the time of the 1881 census, they are living at 501 Liverpool Road, Islington and Robert is working as a bricklayer and they had a second daughter, Eleanor born that year.  A third daughter, Annie Elizabeth is born on 12th August 1883, baptised 5th September 1883 but by then Robert and Matilda have moved back to Swaffham with their young family.  Minnie Eliza is born in Swaffham on 24th October 1885 and baptised a few weeks later on 18th November.  Robert Henry was born in 1888 and baptised on 8th February that year.  Another son, William, was born on 27th July and baptised in Swaffham a few weeks later on 20th August 1890.  The 1891 census shows the family living at Lynn Road, Swaffham and Robert's occupation is labourer and gardener.  On December 3rd that year another daughter was born, Lilian, who was baptised on the 13th January 1893 at Swaffham.  George followed, being born 8th July 1895 and baptised on 2nd August that year. Florence was born 14th July 1898 and baptised in Swaffham two days later on 16th July. In 1901 the family have moved to Spinner's Lane Swaffham, Robert is listed as a bricklayer.  They are living two doors away from Robert's brother Arthur and his family. By 1911 they have moved to Whitecross Lane, Swaffham with five of their children.  Robert's occupation states that he is a builder and his own employer. His sons Robert and William are employed as bricklayers.  Lillian is a dressmaker and George is a grocer's assistant whilst Florence is still at school. In 1914 when WWI began three of their sons, Robert, William and George enlisted in the Army, they were away for the duration of the war but all three survived and returned to Norfolk although Robert was severely affected by shell shock.  This made it difficult at times for the family and early in the 1920s an incident occured which resulted in George leaving Swaffham and going to Cardiff, Wales to live and work. It also resulted in Robert becoming a patient at the mental hospital in Norwich. In 1927 Matilda wrote a will. It was dated 22nd July 1927 and appointed two sons, Robert and George as executors of her estate.  To her daughters Emily ALLEN, Eleanor ALLEN, Annie STARLING, Minnie SMITH Lilian CROSS and Florence LONG she left the sum of £6 each. She also left six pounds each to her surviving sons William and Robert but left the remainder of her estate, after debts, funeral expenses etc to her other surviving son, George.  In 1930 Robert and Matilda show on the electoral roll as living in London Road. In 1934 Robert and Matilda celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary and a snippet appeared in the local press. Robert died on 29th March 1935 and is buried in the cemetery at Swaffham.  Probate was granted to his son William and daughter Lilian Cross.  He left effects of £513 9s 6d.  Matilda died shortly after at the home of her daughter, Lilian, on 21st September 1935.  There is no record of probate following her death.  She is buried in Swaffham Cemetery alongside Robert.

Children of Robert and Matilda         Top of the page

Robert was born in Swaffham in 1874. He died in Islington in 1879 aged 5 years.

Emily was born in Mexborough, Yorkshire in 1876 and grew up partly in Islington and partly in Swaffham. Although aged 14, in 1891 Emily is still entered on the census as a scholar living with her parents in Swaffham. Sometime after this Emily went to live and work in York. She is living at 5 Clifton, Bootham, York in 1901 where she also works as a housemaid to Camilla CROOKENDON and her sisters. In 1906 Emily married Frank ALLEN in York. Frank was born in York in 1876 to Thomas and Theresa ALLEN. Thomas's father died before he was 14 years old. Thomas worked for a time as an errand boy in the Cocoa works at York but later served in the army as a baker. He returned to York to work as a confectioner and baker. In 1911 he and Emily are living at 8 Cycle Street, York and have three children; Frank (b 1907), Ben (b 1908) and Hilda Frances (b 1910). Frank continued to work as a baker and confectioner. In 1939 they are living at 3 Milton Street, York and Frank Jnr. is also a baker and a confectioner. Emily's husband, Frank died in 1952 but Emily continued to live at 3 Milton street, York until her death on 6th May 1964. Probate was granted to Paul Douglas HUNT, surveyor and David Arthur HUNT, window cleaner. She left effects of £381. Frank jnr. never married, Ben died in 1917 aged 9 years. Hilda married Stanley HUNT and went to live in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, they had eight children.

Arthur was born in Islington in 1878. He spent some of his childhood growing up in Islington. In 1891 he is a scholar living with his family in Swaffham.  Ten years later he is back in London working as a general labourer and lodging at the Salvation Army Shelter in Bethnal Green.  Arthur married Frances ALLEN in York in 1903 and is living there at 60 Elmwood Street with his wife and three children Ermine (b 1904), Robert (b 1907) and Edward (b 1910).  Arthur's occupation is given as a bricklayer working for N. E. Railway Company. Also living with them is a boy Walter W. R. ALLEN, who is marked as illegitimate on the census form, being born to Frances a year or two  before she and Arthur married.  Francis was the daughter of Thomas and Theresa ALLEN and a sister to Emily Burton's  husband Frank.   Arthur and Emily had three more children,  Doris (b 1912), Elfreda (b 1914) and Elsie (b 1916) before Arthur died, aged just 40, in 1918.  Frances was left to bring up her young family on her own and never remarried but by 1939 she had moved to 3 Burnholme Drive, York.  Francis died in 1943 in York.  Walter married first, Emily NAYLOR and they had eight children together before Emily died in 1935. Walter married Elizabeth VARLEY in 1936 and had three more children.  Ermine (Hermione) died in 1933 in York.  Robert married Mary FOLEY in 1937 and they had one child, Robert. Elfreda married John S. ROLLO in York in 1934 they had five children. I am unsure of any other information about Edward, Doris and Elsie.

Eleanor was born in Islington in 1880. The family moved back to Swaffham and Eleanor is a scholar there in 1891. Eleanor is working as a cook to Richard Turner, a medical practitioner living at 48 Bootham, York. In 1908 Eleanor married Walter ALLEN in York. Walter was a son of Thomas and Theresa ALLEN and a brother to Emily's husband, Frank and Arthur's wife Frances. Eleanor and Walter their first son, Walter Eric, born 1910 he died a baby. They had three more children, Kathleen (b 1911), Noel (b 1913) and Eric (b 1914).; In 1911 Walter and Eleanor are living at 13 Margaret Street, York. Walter is a miller's labourer working for a flour manufacturer. They moved to Moorgarth Road and they are living there in 1939, Walter is a retired gardener. He died in 1951 and Eleanor died in York in 1966. Kathleen married Frank GRIMES in York in 1935, they had two children. Noel married Annie ROBERTSON in York in 1938. Noel died in 1939 before their daughter was born in 1940. Annie remarried the following year. Eric was born in 1941 and died shortly afterwards.

Annie was born in Swaffham in 1883. In 1906 Annie gave birth to a son, James Henry P. BURTON , known as Jimmy.  She married Arthur STARLING in Swaffham in 1909 and in 1911 they are living in White Cross Lane, Swaffham. Arthur is a dustman working for the Urban District Council.  On the 1930 electoral roll they are registered as living at Watton Road. They have moved to London Road, Swaffham by 1939 and Arthur is a general farm worker. Arthur died in 1941 and Annie died in 1966 in Acle, Norfolk. Jimmy married Ethel PASKINS in Swaffham in 1932 and they had three children.

Minnie was born in Swaffham on 24th October 1885 and baptised at the church there on 18th November that year.  In 1891 Minnie is living with her parents at Lynn Road, Swaffham and at Spinner's Lane in 1901. In 1911 Minnie is working as a servant at Trevelyan, Cranley Road, Guildford, Surrey.  It was here that she met George SMITH and they married in Guildford on 20th May 1916, her sister Lilian was a witness to their marriageMinnie and George had two sons: Richard George (b 1921) and Arthur R. (b 1922). In 1939 the family are all living at 11 Buryfields, Guildford along with Robert SMITH, George's brother, the house appears to be a family home as George is living there in 1911 with his parents and siblings. George and Robert are builders on own account (heavy workers) Richard is working as a carpenter (heavy worker) and Arthur is a plumber (heavy worker).  George died later that year, on 10th December. Probate was granted to Robert SMITH, builder and Minnie SMITH widow.  He left effects of £2616 9s 4d.  Further misfortune visited Minnie in 1941 when her son Richard died, aged 20.  I believe he died as a result of a drowning accident. I don't know if Arthur married and had any children. Minnie died in 1981 in Surrey,

Robert was born in Swaffham on 8th February 1888 and baptised there at the Primitive Methodist Church on 26th March 1888. Robert is living with his family in Lynn Road, Swaffham in 1891, at Spinner's Lane in 1901 and White Cross Lane in 1911, in this census he is recorded as being a bricklayer.  In 1914 Robert joined the Army in the call up to WWI, possibly the London Regiment, and saw active service in Northern France.  Robert suffered badly from the effects of shell shock and it greatly affected his later life, particularly when alcohol was partaken.   There was an incident soon after returning home from the war that incensed his brother George who left Swaffham for good. This probably took place before 1920 as in the electoral register for that year Robert is entered living with his parents at Whitecross Lane but George does not appear on the roll.  In 1930 Robert is shown on the electoral register still living at Whitecross Road, Swaffham, but not with his parents who have moved to London Road.  Robert was later admitted to  St Andrews Hospital, Thorpe, Norwich.  Up until 1923 this had been known under the name of Norfolk Mental Hospital and it still specialised in treating patients with mental illness. He is entered on the roll there at the time the 1939 register was taken. Robert remained at Thorpe Hall for the rest of his life.  It is believed that he stayed on at the hospital as a gardener as he loved gardening and felt secure in the hospital environs.  He wasn't forgotten by the family who visited him until his death there in 1952.

William was born in Swaffham on 27th July 1890 and baptised on the 20th August. In 1911 Wiliam is employed as a bricklayer and is living with his parents at Whitecross Lane, Swaffham. In 1914 he married Mary WRIGHT probably in North Walsham where she lived. Their son Cyril G. BURTON was born in Swaffham the following year. It is thought that William joined the Machine Gun Corps during WWI.  In 1939 William and Mary are living at the Post Office at Lower Happisburgh, Norfolk. William is the sub-postmaster and cycle repairer and Mary is a grocer and general shop keeper.  Later William and Mary moved to North Walsham, 167 Mundesley Road. William died at St Michaels Hospital, Aylesham on 13th March 1965. Probate was granted to Mary Lois BURTON, widow. He left effects of £1982.  Mary died on 27th March 1980. She was living at Elderton Lodge, Thorpe Market, North Walsham at the time. She left effects of £30,311. Cyril was a Battle of Britain pilot and his name is engraved on the Wall at the Battle of Britain Memorial at Dover in Kent.

Lilian was born in Swaffham on 3rd December 1892 and baptised on 13 January 1893. She grew up with her family at firstly Spinner's Lane and then Whitecross Lane, Swaffham. In 1911 she is employed as a dressmaker. In 1917 Lilian married Percy William CROSS in Swaffham.  In 1918 a daughter, Kathleen Lilian is born to them. In 1920 they are living at 5, York Terrace, Swaffham. In 1923 they are living at a house called Homeland Villas, which I believe to have been on Cley Road, Swaffham. In 1925 they are living at Theatre Street and are still there in 1928, however by 1930 they have moved to The Market Place. This is where Percy had his hairdresser and tobacconist shop as recorded on the 1939 register. Percy died on 8th September 1968. Probate was granted to Lilian Cross, widow his address is given as Sunnyside, Market Place Swaffham but it states that he died at Swaffham Motors, London Road.  He left effects of £33,412 19s 10d.  Lilian died in Swaffham the following year. They are buried together under a tree at the back of the churchyard next to Percy's parents.  Kathleen married Hugh MUNRO in 1949 and later married Douglas WHITE.  Kathleen had two children.

George - see George Burton and Olive Embry

Florence was born on 14th July 1898 in Swaffham and baptised two days later. She too grew up in Spinner's Lane and Whtecross Road, Swaffham and was still attendig school when the census was taken in 1911. In 1922 she married Henry J. LONG in Swaffham.  Florence and Henry had 4 sons: George H. (b 1923), Edmund W.B. (b 1926), Brian W. (b 1928) and Dennis (b 1932). Brian died as an infant in 1930. In 1930 the family are living at Swamp Lane, Great Ellingham. They are still living there in 1939 and Henry is working as a farm labourer.  Henry died at Great Ellingham in 1973 and Florence at Rose Cottage, Great Ellingham on 27th April 1984.

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George was born in Swaffham in 1895 and baptised there on 2nd August that year.  George grew up with his family in Swaffham living first at Spinner's Lane then Whitecross Road.  In 1911 he is employed as a grocer's errand boy.  Three years later, when WWI broke out George joined up, probably at one of the recruiting booths that had appeared on the camplands in Swaffham.  He joined the Norfolk Regiment and was soon off to Bury St Edmunds to do his training.  In 1915 he left Liverpool by ship bound for Gallipoli.  "The Norfolks" saw intense fighting in Turkey but George survived despite suffering severely from dysentry.  He went on to see service in Egypt and Mesopotamia before returning home to Swaffham.   Sometime soon after his return he felt compelled to leave Swaffham because of some actions or accusations by his brother Robert, who had been badly affected by shell shock during the war. For whatever reason George ended up in Cardiff working as a builder/mason and there he met Olive EMBRY(See Embry Family History Page)

George and Olive married in 1922 at St Germain's Church Cardiff. There followed in quick succession three daughters: Aldyth (b 1923) Audrey (b 1924) and Vivienne (b 1925) At the time of Vivienne's birth the family were living in Moy Road, they then moved to Moira Street and then to Richards Street, Cathays, Cardiff. In 1935 another child was born to George and Olive, a son, Hubert.  George continued working as a builder and during WW2 he was also an ARP. He saw his children married from 64 Richard's Street.  Audrey in 1945, Aldyth in 1949, Vivienne in 1950 and Hubert in 1959.  In the early 1960's George retired from work and Aldyth and her family emigrated to Australia.  George and Olive made three voyages out to Australia to visit Aldyth and her family in Adelaide.  The first voyage took place in 1966, the second in 1969.  They were able to visit many interesting places in Europe, Asia and Africa as well as Australia on these voyages and the last one in 1972.  Unfortunately Olive fell ill at the start of their third voyage at the end of 1971 and died shortly after arriving in Adelaide on 2.1.1972. George returned to the UK and sold their house in Richards Street before going back out to Adelaide to live with Aldyth. George and Aldyth made a visit back to Britain in 1976 to visit family. A few years later though George  decided he needed to come back to Britain. He died at Ledbury  Herefordshire in 1983. Hubert died in 2004, Audrey and Vivienne in 2018 and Aldyth in 2019.

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